Spectacular Custom Handcrafted Peacock Mosaic and 4 New Designs

peacock mosaic handcut niche tile art blog title
A peacock mosaic niche collage that has a smooth and shiny surface. The glass mosaicthat form a peacock's head, body, and feathers in different shades of blue, green, and purple. The right image shows a close-up view of the mosaic, highlighting the intricate details and colors of the mosaics.
A mesmerizing peacock mosaic wall niche, meticulously crafted by MEC ARTWORKS, that brings a touch of elegance and vibrant colors to any space.

Bold, Vibrant, Majestic – A Handmade Peacock Mosaic Wall Niche

Hey there, folks! I’ve got a story that’s bound to add a splash of color to your day. Imagine this: a space, a blank canvas yearning for something special, a missing piece that could make all the difference. Now, picture a colorful, custom-created peacock mosaic niche that takes center stage, infusing life into that neutral space. This fantastic project was brought to life by Sonya, the brilliant mind behind it all. She sought our expertise after discovering our work and had a vision – to bring a burst of vibrant charm into her home.

Stick around discover the secrets behind how we added that extra dimension, handpicked the perfect mosaic tiles, and brought this beautiful peacock mosaic to life.

But wait, there’s more! In addition to Sonya’s peacock mosaic, we’ve captured some stunning photos of other remarkable peacock mosaic projects in our portfolio. These visuals will spark your imagination and help you envision the endless possibilities of mosaic art. So, come along as we explore the vibrant world of peacock mosaics and get inspired. It’s a real, fun, and colorful journey that you won’t want to miss!

glass mosaic animal kingdom peacock mosaic mural
A vibrant mosaic masterpiece showcasing a majestic peacock amidst a lush, colorful garden.

Bringing Color Into a Neutral Space with Handcrafted Peacock Mosaic

Sonya shared her dream of transforming her otherwise neutral color space into something extraordinary, a place where colors would dance on the walls, and art would be the center of attention. And this is where our artistic journey begins.

She told us about the space she had on a wall, a niche with a semi-circle top. The room is yet to be furnished and accessories but so far the wall paint and details feature a light neutral palette. 

I saw your mosaic modules at the tile store and I loved the colors but the designs did not fit what I was looking for. Imagine my excitement when I found out that you cater to custom requests too!

Sonya, Client
A mosacist hand placing marble mosaic tiles on a colorful mosaic mural.
A meticulous mosacist at work, carefully placing each piece to bring a vibrant mosaic mural to life.

Peacock mosaics are a remarkable blend of meticulous craftsmanship and artistic vision. Each mosaic is composed of intricately arranged tiles, meticulously selected to showcase the radiant colors and patterns found in a peacock’s plumage. The skillful arrangement of these tiles creates a stunning visual representation of the peacock’s majestic form.

What does the peacock mosaic represent?

Peacock mosaics, a popular choice in art and interior design, carry deep symbolism. Inspired by ancient connotations, these mosaics are often seen as a representation of renewal, immortality, and paradise. Just as a peacock sheds and regrows its elaborate feathers, these mosaics symbolize the idea of transformation and fresh beginnings. The striking patterns and vibrant colors not only enhance aesthetics but also add a layer of meaning to spaces, making them a captivating choice for those who appreciate the blend of art and symbolism in their surroundings.

Nature-Inspired, Lively Peacock Mosaic Niche Ideas

Sonya’s preference was clear from the start – she wanted a burst of color in her living space. The initial discussions led to brainstorming sessions filled with exciting possibilities. The challenge was to find a nature-inspired theme that would transform her room.

“… something nature-inspired for sure, maybe a butterfly and flowers or exotic birds ?”

– Sonya, during a brainstorming session
Custom Bathroom Mosaic Art by MEC. Exotic bords, fruits, flowering branches.
Exquisite Splendor II – Custom designed and fabricated bathroom mosaic mural by MEC ARTWORKS

Given the limited space, our MEC design team suggested focusing on a single, striking element rather than compromising the level of detail with a complete scenery.

Should it be a peacock mosaic or a close-up butterfly wing mural?

The decision was pivotal, and both options would have made for a brilliant niche.

glass mosaic animal kingdom workshop process
A nature inspired glass mosaic mural being handcrafted.

To fuel Sonya’s inspiration, we shared glimpses of our previous tropical bird, peacock, and butterfly mosaic projects. Her enthusiasm was contagious, and she was determined to create a niche that was truly one-of-a-kind. We were a hundred percent on board, of course. Afterall, customization is our forte and we love new creative challenges.

Reference Images & Ideas for Peacock Glass Mosaic Niche

Sonya’s vision for the peacock mosaic took flight with her selection of the blue Indian peacock as a reference. She shared captivating photos, with a focus on the peafowl’s elegant neck, body, and vibrant train plumage. These images set the stage for the color palette and angles she aimed to capture.

Side profile of an Indian Peacock photo by National Geographic
Peacock photo shared by the client for mosaic inspiration | Image Credit: National Geographic
peacock mosaic deisgn inspiration board glass tiles handcut
Inspiration Board featuring an image of peacock feather, glass mosaic tile colors, sketches and PIXL mosaic art by MEC ARTWORKS

So, with inspiration drawn from the vivid colors and iridescence of the Indian peacock, we were all set to proceed on this artistic journey.

Add an Extra Dimension to the Peacock Mosaic

Jaipur India peacock doorway arch detail Maureen Barlin
Jaipur Doorway Arch Detail. One of four gateways each representing a season in the “Court of The Beloved” – Autumn | Image Credit: Maureen Barlin

Our creative team, led by our artistic visionary, embarked on the task of capturing this dimensionality. Sketching several peacock body designs and carefully shading them to give depth, shadows, and highlights became a crucial part of the process.

Our mosaic artists and craftspeople, however, were up to the challenge. Making it look seamless and not too blotchy is an art. It could take days and manually switching individual tiles pieces dozens of times to reach the perfect effect. Even though computer renders can help, the fabrication has to be carefully overseen and monitored for the best results.

A wire-frame of a peacock study digital design that consists of simple shapes and lines to represent the layout and elements of the design. The wire-frame shows the peacock's head, body, tail, and feathers in different colors and sizes.
A Symphony of Feathers: The Artistic Intersection of Peacock Sketch and Color

Peacock Mosaic Tile Textures & Color Selection

A collage of detailed and colorful mosaic artwork of peacocks with corresponding color palettes.
A mosaic of elegance: capturing the majestic beauty of peacocks amidst blossoming flora, complemented by a harmonious palette of earthy tones by MEC ARTWORKS

Our mission was clear – to capture the natural shine and brilliance of peacock feathers in the most exquisite way. To achieve this, we turned to our secret weapon – the remarkable Murano glass range. Ordinary vitreous glass just wouldn’t do for this extraordinary project. One of the most distinguishable characteristics of a peacock feather is its pearlescent shine. You might have been lucky enough to witness the majestic Indian peacock at a safari, farm, park or a zoo. Besides their mesmerizing colors, what else made an impression visually? For a lot of us, it’s the way the light interacts with the peacock’s plumage creating a surreal iridescent effect.

Since the objective of this niche was to introduce a vibrantly colored artwork that would pop out, the palette and textures of the mosaic tiles were a huge part of the design process.

close up of glass tile art with Murano mosaic
A close up of glass tile art with Murano mosaic

Our Murano glass range boasts dozens of iridescent-finish tile colors that seemed tailor-made for this custom peacock mosaic niche. But we didn’t stop there. We also introduced Murano Opaline colors into the mix, a specially developed variant of Murano glass mosaic tiles. Murano Opaline adds another layer of artistry, with colored metallic sheets embedded within crystal clear glass, resulting in a spectacular metallic shine effect. Like the Iris series, some variants of Murano Opaline have a layer of iridescent spectrum shine on top for an added flare.

Selecting the colors was only part of the journey. The next step was equally fascinating – arranging them to perfection.

  • The placement of different colors,
  • the mosaic arrangement (movement), and
  • the techniques employed to distribute texture

all played a crucial role in creating a visual impact that would be nothing short of extraordinary.

As you stand before the peacock mosaic niche, you’ll see the tiles glisten like a thousand tiny gems, capturing the essence of the peacock’s captivating iridescence. It’s a spectacle that transcends mere art, immersing you in a world of color, light, and the magic of Murano glass.

peacock mosaic handcut murano glass wall niche art
Mosaic Niche 3D render prepared for the client by MEC ARTWORKS

Bringing the Peacock Mosaic Niche to Life

With our design and color palette firmly in place, the next phase was production. The peacock mosaic niche came to life in our Lahore workshop, where a talented team of female craftspeople meticulously crafted it.

What makes this project even more special is that the group of mosaicists who worked on this masterpiece had been in training for the past five months. This endeavor marked their very first real project, undertaken without the help of senior mosaicists.

Of course, their dedication and passion were unwavering, and they were not alone on this artistic journey. They had the invaluable guidance of mosaic instructors and our creative design lead.

Vibrant Feathers: A Glimpse of Our Peacock Mosaic Projects

Before we wrap up our journey, let’s take a moment to admire the artistry and craftsmanship that defines MEC. In this visual showcase, we present a selection of our stunning peacock mosaics. Each piece is a testament to our dedication to the art form and our commitment to bringing color, beauty, and life to spaces. Enjoy this gallery of exquisite peacock mosaics.

bathroom wall mosaic artwork featuring a majestic blue Indian peacock mosaic
Radiant Peacock Feature WallTransform your bathroom into a captivating oasis with our exquisite Peacock Mosaic Design for a bathroom feature wall.
Mosaic art of a colorful peacock with its vibrant feathers displayed, surrounded by intricate designs of flowers and leaves.
A mosaic masterpiece, where every tile tells a tale of the majestic peacock amidst a blossoming paradise.
Custom Mosaics by MEC | Enchanting depiction of a peacock with a garden backdrop
Pavone – Ancient Greco-Roman mosaic style marble tile peacock artwork
Custom Bathroom Wall Mural Peacock Mosaic Art by MEC. It features fruiting and blossoming tree branches and exotic birds.
Exquisite Splendor – Custom Bathroom Wall Mural Peacock Mosaic Art featuring fruiting and blossoming tree branches and exotic birds.

A colorful mosaic artwork depicting a detailed and vibrant peacock with its feathers fanned out, made from various shades of green, blue, gold, and purple tiles.
A mosaic tiles peacock, a marvel of art and beauty 🦚


And here we are, at the final stroke of our peacock mosaic masterpiece. What a journey it’s been, exploring the creative process, the dedication of our artisans, and the sheer beauty that mosaic art can exude. The world of peacock mosaics is a vivid, dynamic one. The use of color, texture, and dimension creates a unique harmony that fills a room with life. I hope that our bird mosaics portfolio sparked your imagination and the desire to add a touch of vibrancy to your own space.

A peacock and flowers mosaic can add beauty and color to your space. Explore more peacock mosaic ideas and get inspired to create your own.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can peacock mosaics be customized?

Yes, peacock mosaics can be tailored to your exact specifications. The beauty of peacock art lies in its adaptability, and at MEC, we take pride in our ability to create bespoke mosaic designs. If you’re looking for a personalized touch to your space, our skilled artisans are ready to bring your dream peacock mosaic to life.

Where can peacock mosaics be installed?

Peacock mosaics can be installed in various settings, including residential spaces, commercial establishments, hotels, restaurants, and even outdoor areas. Peacock mosaics are not limited to traditional wall mosaic decorations. Their versatility extends to various forms, including floor medallions, tabletops, and even outdoor installations.

Are peacock mosaics suitable for both modern and traditional decor styles?

Absolutely, peacock mosaics are a fantastic choice for both modern and traditional decor styles. Their timeless appeal and the ability to effortlessly blend with various design aesthetics make them a versatile and visually striking addition to any space. Whether you’re leaning towards a classic or contemporary look, a custom peacock mosaic can fit right in.

Are peacock mosaics fragile?

While peacock mosaics should be handled with care, they are generally durable and designed to withstand normal wear and tear. While they may not be suitable for high-traffic floor areas, they are thermal shock-resistant and can withstand everyday use when properly installed to backsplashes, wall art, or even swimming pools.

Are the colors in peacock mosaics fade-resistant?

Absolutely! The colored glass tiles we use in peacock mosaics are fade-resistant. This means you can expect their vibrant and striking hues to stay just as beautiful over the years, making them a lasting addition to your space in the long run.

Can I use a peacock mosaic as a backsplash in my kitchen?

Certainly! A peacock mosaic can be an exquisite and practical choice for a kitchen backsplash. Its striking design and vibrant colors can add a unique touch of elegance to your culinary space, while the glass tiles used for the mosaic are not only visually stunning but also practical and easy to clean.

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