Bespoke Golden Peacock Mosaic Art in California

We are excited to share our artwork done for Veena, Homeowner in California, USA. A one-of-a-kind mosaic was created specifically for her bathroom walls. A floral and peacock theme mosaic was the clients dream, and she showed us her blueprint for it. The customer chose a magnificent golden peacock mosaic from the references and suggestions given to her by our design team. We achieved the clients dream with the support of our design team and mosaic artists.

Handcrafted from Murano glass, this peacock mosaic art features mosaic tiles of diverse shapes. The mosaic’s most striking feature is the combination of white and golden glass mosaic tiles, which shimmer under varied lighting. Veena adored this mosaic pattern that incorporated both flower and bird elements.

Mosaic Art Floral and Bird Designs Fabricated for international clients are only a few examples of MEC’s extensive collection. Intricate mosaic designs of peacocks, parrots, owls, blue jays, hummingbirds, cranes, and florals including lilies, roses, tulips, daisies, and more have been created by our mosaicists who have received training in Italy. These mosaics can be used for various purposes, including accent walls, outdoor garden areas, and niches. Need help deciding between a floral or bird mosaic design? Perhaps a combination of the two would be the best. Experience the enchantment of our custom mosaic designs when you tell us what you’re inspired by.

Mosaic Magic Awaits

Share with us your inspirations and get any mosaic artwork fabricated by our Italian trained mosaicists at unbelievable prices.
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