Tile Treasures: Curor’s 12 Extraordinary Wall Mosaic Artwork Designs

painting inspired handcrafted mosaic animals, elephants and scenery. Monochrome image with some colorful Murano glass details.

Step into the world of nature, art, and adventure with MEC’s Curor wall mosaic artwork collection. Magnificent flowers, tropical rainforests, natural scenery, painting style artistic mosaic murals, abstract tile designs, and geometric patterns. You could lose yourself among the dozens of artistic mosaics contained in Curor, but it would be sweet getting lost.

This more that just an assortment of artworks; it’s an immersive experience, where enchanting illustrations and vibrant digital abstract art seamlessly transition into captivating mosaic masterpieces. Drawing inspiration from the delicate interplay of flora and fauna, Curor infuses a touch of fantasy, transforming the commonplace into extraordinary expressions of craftsmanship.

1. Emerald Kingdom – Enchanting Decorative Mosaic Art

The Emerald Kingdom wall mosaic artwork features a girl with a feather headdress and a Bengal tiger. The subject is shown in a magnificent and visually stimulating jungle setting handcrafted with mosaic tiles. Rich green tropical leaves, colorful florets, and blossoms, delightful birds set against a lush backdrop of forest foliage.

close up of a handcrafted mosaic artwork tile mural in the making
Emerald Kingdom handcrafted artistic mosaic tile mural in the making 🎨👩🍃

A magnificently dense forest with a hidden surprise peeking through, a lost traveler? But wait, she’s royalty! The girl with a dazzling headdress and glorious auburn hair. She seems a little unsure yet unafraid. Among many shades, ‘brave’ is her brightest.

Tropico Emerald Kingdom artistic mosaic tile vertex glass mural
Emerald Kingdom – Finished with glass mosaic and our exclusive shade range from Murano, the color blend creates a spectacular visual marvel.
A close-up view of a mosaic artwork of a tiger's face, made of colorful tiles placed by hand with tweezers

A mosaic masterpiece of a fierce tiger, made with skill and patience. Each tile is carefully placed to create a stunning portrait of this majestic animal. 🎨🐯

This artistic mosaic tile mural design is a kaleidoscope of brilliant, pearly, translucent, and metallic tesserae. Thousands of Murano glass tesserae have been manually cut and arranged into place by our Italy-trained mosaic artists & craftsmen. The golden tiles you see are from MEC’s Oro mosaic range, they contain 24-karat gold foil embedded between two layers of glass.

2. Whimsy World – Mosaic Wall Art Design Medallion

Aristocratic Exotic Animals Mosaic Artwork

Exotic blossoms, tropical leaves, and animals with aristocratic accessories have all been intricately handcrafted with colorful glass mosaic tiles. This mosaic artwork installation has an almost ‘Alice in Wonderland’ ‘-like essence about it because of the hypnotist chameleon, a big-eyed nocturnal monkey with a monocle and a regal macaw.

Intrigued by mosaics but not ready for wall cladding or a floor redo? You can introduce mosaic art into your space in a variety of creative ways. For instance, a framed mosaic panel featuring the Whimsy World mosaic medallion, as a free-standing decor piece or a wall hanging. Similarly, you can get small and personalized artistic mosaic tile items for different parts of your home. Portrait Of a pet, a plaque with a significant date and memory, the family crest, or your favorite sports team logo – the options are virtually limitless.

MEC CEO adding some finishing touches to the Whimsy World artistic mosaic artwork prototype, a colorful and intricate glass art piece.
The MEC CEO adding some finishing touches to the Whimsy World artistic mosaic artwork prototype.

3. Miri Tropical Forest Plants Mosaic Artwork

Bird-of-paradise, water lilies, hanging vines, and tropical palm leaves are just some of the flowers and plants featured in this mosaic artwork. How many others can you spot?

miri wall mosaic artwork tropical forest handcut glass tile
A dazzling mosaic wall art blooms with color and charm, creating a cozy and inviting space.

The captivating color palette of Miri mosaic artwork features various finishes from our Vertex and Murano glass tile library. A kaleidoscope of brilliant tiles – translucent, solid colors, glittered, iridescent, and even metal foil.

4. Floral Fuse – Flower Mosaic Artwork

Designed to make a dramatic visual impact – the fantastic Floral Fuse glass mosaic artwork will whisk you away to another place. Larger-than-life monochrome flower pattern on a gorgeously colored abstract background. Stripping color from a conventionally vivid and vibrant thing is a bold artistic statement. For instance, when there are no colors, they are drawn to other details of the flowers that we usually look over.

floral fuse mosaic artwork collage image
Floral Fuse – a larger-than-life flower mural made with glass mosaic tiles

Escape the reality for a while and take on the perspective of a tiny beetle surrounded with gigantic blossoms and leaves. Have this customized and add your favorite flowers – sunflowers, daisies, lilies, gerberas, poppies… the possibilities are endless.

Whether you’re looking to create an attractive feature wall or to redecorate a whole room, our Curor mural designs are sure to bring the refreshing vibrancy of nature into your space.

5. Enviro Green – Palmette & Abstract Custom Mosaic Tile Art

This tropical leaves mural is sure to impress anyone who walks into the room with its spectacular color palette and design. Enviro Green handcrafted mosaic artwork combines plant-themed elements and digital art. Overlapping lush green tropical leaves and a soothing striped background featuring soothing blue and green gradients – make this mural perfect for contemporary interiors. This wall mosaic artwork design can also be used as a backsplash or a swimming pool mosaic.

a photo of Enviro Green mosaic artwork installed in an arched wall niche
Enviro Green – a Handcrafted glass mosaic tile wall pattern

Glass mosaic tiles glisten beautifully when light hits them. Whether it is natural sunlight or artificial light, thousands of glass tesserae seem to come to life with even the slightest perspective shift. This interaction of glass and light makes the room brighter and lively. Therefore, glass mosaic is even recommended in smaller spaces to make the interior feel more spacious.

6. Chinoiserie Wallpaper Style Bird Mosaic

Chinoiserie Sage wall mosaic artwork making photo
Intricately handcrafted mosaic tree tile wall mural made with glass tile, featuring birds and fruits

Mosaic wall artwork based on Chinoserie wallpaper style? Yes, please! Chinoiserie Sage glass mosaic art mural featuring birds, fruits and blossoming trees on a soothing green tile background. Got a retro themed wallpaper pattern you would like us to convert into a custom mosaic artwork? Get in touch with us.

Chinoiserie Sage wall mosaic artwork handcut glass tile curor
Chinoiserie Sage wall mosaic artwork handcut glass tile from the Curor Collection

7. Rhea Mirror Portrait Mosaic Artwork

We decided to combine two of our favorite glass products – mirror and mosaic tesserae. The designer and artisans experimented with different mosaic cutting and arrangement techniques for creating Rhea mosaic mirror artwork portrait.

rhea mirror wall mosaic artwork eye portrait handcut glass tile
A stunning sight, a mosaic eye that watches over the elegant bathroom. 👁️

The design concept called for glass tile pieces smaller than the commercially available ones. So our craftsfolk carefully cut each piece with precision to create this grayscale tiled beauty.

production photo MEC workshop rhea mosaic artwork eye handcut glass tile
Behind-the-scenes: A production photo of Rhea Mosaic Artwork from the MEC workshop

Painting Style Custom Wall Mosaic Artwork

Painting re-imagined as mosaics, you heard that right. We enjoy the challenge of creating tile work renditions of artwork originally created using other mediums. Two such custom handmade mosaic wall artworks have made it to our Curor collection.

Mosaic Painting Murals – 7 Famous Artworks Recreated in Mosaic Tile Medium

8. Mughal Era Scenery Grisaille Mosaic Art

Fascinating monochromatic Grisaille wallpapers can transform the entire aesthetic of a living room. We decided to take this greige-slash-sepia design style a step further. Here is our take on Grisaille mosaic wall art complete with a splash of color in the foreground of the Mughal-era India scenery.

Grisaille India mughal art wall mosaic artwork handcut glass tile work
Notice how our artisans have use a variety of cutting techniques and mosaic movements on the de Gournay inspired artwork.

9. Greek Bougainvillea Tree Mosaic Painting

painting based mosaic artwork
Greek Bougainvillea Hand-cut Mosaic artwork (left) and the original Blou Luike painting (right)
Greek Bougainvillea Mosaic artwork in the making vibrant Murano glass colored tiles close up
Greek Bougainvillea Mosaic artwork in the making – looks at all those colors!

Italian-trained mosaicists manually cut and placed each mosaic tesserae individually. Arranging thousands of pieces together artistically and with great care.    

Abstract, Geometric and Modern Mosaic Art Designs

Looking for abstract and geometric art for the modern style interior of your dwelling? Curor has some artwork designs just for you.

10. The Golden Crack

A hand-cut mosaic wall art that looks simple at first glance, but it demands your attention. Upon closer observation, it reveals craftsmanship and intricacy. The Golden Crack wall micro-mosaic features Oro 24k gold foiled glass tiles to add a touch of luxury to your space. Love this mosaic artwork but need more affordable options. You can swap real gold mosaic with Oro Nova artificial gold mosaic or Murano glass.

golden crack decorative mosaic art modern golden white glass
A fireplace framed by marble and mosaic, creating a stunning contrast of fire and ice. ❄️🔥

11. Occlon

For shower area walls, backsplashes and niches, here is an exciting hand-cut glass mosaic wall art. Occlon mosaic wall artwork is based on an ultra-geometric pattern by Zdenek Hojsak, a Prague-based graphic designer.

The ombre brown portion of this mosaic pattern features Serie Gem tiles with beautiful copper glitter veins and swirls. The colors can be customized to match your space and style.

Occlon brown ombre glass mosaic artwork being prepared with handcut tiles
A sneak peek into the process of intricate handcut glass mosaic artwork is fabricated

12. Scarlet Gem

A statement piece to dazzle everybody and complete the interior design of the room. For making this magnificent mosaic artwork, each glass tile has been manually cut and arranged. Scarlet Gem mosaic combines the opulence of Art Deco with the unique character of abstract art. Featuring crimson, scarlet and red tiles along with golden, bronze and copper mosaic strips – this mosaic artwork design commands attention.

How to Take Care of Your Custom Mosaic Wall Art?

For routine cleaning of glass tile wall mosaic artwork installed on a wall, you can use vinegar or a mild detergent mixed with water and a non abrasive cleaning material. A mixture of baking soda and water is safe as well. Do not use scouring pads or steel wool to clean your glass mosaic tiles as they might scratch the surface and leave the tiles with a dull appearance over time.

Rough material can also damage the grout if your tiles had the cementitious kind. A soft cloth or brush, microfiber cleaning materials or a sponge would be suitable. Rub gently in a circular motion to remove marks and stains. Glass mosaic tiles can safely be rinsed with water, we recommend cold water.

Glass tile mosaics are easy-to-clean and generally require low levels of maintenance once installed properly.  Professional installation with quality adhesive and grout is key. Furthermore, make sure that the tile you are buying is tested and certified for use in humid environments and different weather conditions.

Ideally, a waterproof, thermal shock resistant that is resistant to cleaning chemicals is what you would want to seek. Since you are investing time and money into a custom handcrafted glass mosaic art, it is best to ensure that the material used is long lasting. This would reduce repair and replacement costs in the long term.

Custom Made Unique Mosaic Artwork For Your Home

As we wrap up this delightful exploration of Curor’s mosaic wonderland, we’re thrilled at the prospect of turning your imagination into a tangible masterpiece. MEC is not just a curator of stunning designs; we are your creative partner, ready to bring your vision to life. Imagine the joy of walking into a space adorned with a custom mosaic artwork inspired by Curor – a reflection of your style, your dreams.

So, why not take the leap and let us weave the magic of Curor into your space? Your space awaits its own touch of magic – let the collaboration begin!

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly are mosaic artworks?

Mosaic artworks are artistic creations made by assembling small, colored pieces of materials, often glass, stone, or tile, to form a larger and visually intricate design. These pieces, known as tesserae, come together to create a cohesive and detailed image or pattern.

How tricky is it to get a custom mosaic artwork designed and made?

Getting a custom mosaic artwork designed and made is a seamless process with MEC. Our experienced team guides you through each step, from conceptualization to final installation. We make the process enjoyable and stress-free, ensuring your unique vision transforms into a stunning mosaic masterpiece for your space.

Can I collaborate to design a one-of-a-kind personalized mosaic artwork for my home?

Yes! MEC welcomes collaboration for unique mosaic creations. Whether it’s a specific theme, color scheme, or entirely original design, our team is excited to work with you in bringing your one-of-a-kind personalized artistic mosaic tile mural to life.

Can I use mosaic artworks for areas like backsplashes or swimming pool mosaics?

Absolutely! Enviro Green, for example, with its tropical leaves mural, is versatile enough to serve as a backsplash or a stunning addition to a swimming pool. The use of handcrafted glass mosaic tiles not only adds visual appeal but also makes the space feel brighter and lively.

Can I customize a mosaic artwork from the Curor collection to suit my preferences?

Definitely! MEC offers customization options to tailor Curor’s mosaic artworks to your specific taste. Whether it’s adjusting colors, incorporating personal elements, or creating a completely unique design, our artisans are ready to bring your vision to life.

What materials are used in Curor’s mosaic artworks?

Curor’s mosaic artworks feature a variety of high-quality materials, including Vertex glass tesserae (similar to Vitreous Glass), Murano glass featuring some exclusive shades. The use of these premium materials ensures durability, brilliance, and a stunning visual impact.

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