Mosaic Painting Murals – 7 Famous Artworks Recreated in Mosaic Tile Medium

gray and white mosaic portrait face design being fabricated by our mosaicists

Mosaic painting – where thousands of tiny, colorful tiles breathe new life into timeless masterpieces. From Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel masterpiece to  Vincent van Gogh’s vibrant art – here are some iconic paintings as you have never seen them before!

From Caves to Canvas: The Timeless Evolution of Human Artistic Expression

Since the beginning of time, humans have been decorating their living spaces in one way or another. We as a species have always been fascinated with marking spaces with designs and patterns. The Stone Age cave painting and etchings might have served different purposes. From recording the night sky and constellations to animal figures painted for worship and admiration, the ancient drawings are said to have been functional as well as decorative.

Some estates and palaces feature important and expensive works of art, such displays reflect not only taste and expression but wealth and status as well. Other iconic pieces of art are exhibited in museums and galleries or are a part of historical buildings.

Artful Alternatives: Mosaic Renditions of Famous Paintings

For an average person, an art lover, owning a famous painting is often just a daydream. While acquiring a famous classical painting to display in your house might be complicated and a bit over budget, we have got the next best thing for you. No, it is not painting reproductions or art prints. MEC merges two timeless art forms, to give the world a mesmerizing visual treat. Behold! The handcrafted mosaic renditions of famous paintings and artworks.

Mosaic Painting Murals

Get your favorite piece of art transformed into a one-of-a-kind, intricately handmade mosaic masterpiece. At MEC, customization is our forte and we are always up for exciting new creative projects. You can have us enlarge your favorite painting and cover a whole feature wall with mosaic art. Similarly, you can have classical art-inspired mosaic tile niches or mosaic backsplashes (e.g. this one inspired by van Gogh’s Almond Blossom) especially designed for your space. When considering painting-inspired custom mosaic tile art, there are two distinct mosaic design & technique directions you can to choose from:

  • Handcrafted Mosaics: Immerse yourself in the timeless tradition of manually crafted mosaics. Our skilled artisans meticulously cut and arrange each tile to bring paintings to life in a tangible, artisanal form.
  • AddTek PIXL Mosaics: Experience the cutting edge of mosaic design with our PIXL option. Witness your favorite images and artworks transformed into mosaic-ready designs through digital magic of the AddTek system, utilizing an extensive color palette available in our library.

Join me as we explore both the fabrication techniques in details along with their distinguishing features and unique charms. Whether you choose the artisanal charm of handcrafted handcut mosaics or opt for the modern flair of the PIXL option, each adds something special to your custom mosaic painting tiles.

Intricate Hand-cut Mosaics

It is mosaic the way we all know and love, the centuries-old authentic mosaic-making technique. Tiny mosaic tesserae are manually cut and meticulously arranged to create wonderful images and designs. Mosaics dating as far back as 3500 years have been discovered by archeologists. Mosaic art has withstood the test of time, it has existed in one form or another over the centuries and doesn’t seem to be going anyway anytime soon.

With handmade mosaic tile projects, MEC strives to incorporate and essence of the rich original art form. Our team of expert designers and Italian-trained craftsmen has worked on hundreds of art-inspired hand-cut mosaic designs. A sketch is often made first, it is a mosaic-ready drawing inspired by a painting, customized as per the client’s taste and interior design. Painting-inspired mosaic tile design can be stylized, recolored, and modified to your liking.

Tree of Life –  Gustav Klimt – marble mosaic mural

MEC’s marble mosaic rendition of Tree of Life by Gustav Klimt. Intricately made with hand-chopped marble tile pieces.

Using natural hand-chopped marble mosaic tiles to reproduce famous oil paintings is a fascinating process. If done right, the results are stunning. With marble sourced from around the world and a team of amazing mosaic craftsmen, MEC brings your mosaic art dreams to reality.

A marble mosaic painting by MEC; inspired by The Tree of Life, a famous artwork by Gustav Klimt. The mosaic shows a stylized tree with swirling branches and colorful fruits, surrounded by various geometric and floral patterns.

Coastal Greek Street with Bougainvillea

Last year a client shared a lovely little painting with MEC, as mosaic inspiration. A wonderfully painted artwork featuring a peaceful Greek Street with chairs and table set under a bougainvillea vine and an eye-catching blue shutter window. The painting is titled “Blou Luike” and is the work of an amazing artist, Cecilia Rosslee. The scenes from Greek villages and vibrant coastal areas not only photograph well – but serve as an inspiration to artists too. Streets of this scenic Mediterranean country have been featured in everything from oil painting and watercolor art to digital illustration and so much more. Behold! The completed mosaic. We are so pleased with how it turned out.

A mosaic painting recreating The Tree of Life, a famous artwork by Gustav Klimt. The painting shows a stylized tree with swirling branches and fruits, surrounded by various geometric and floral patterns.
A Blossoming Mosaic Masterpiece 🎨

PIXL Mosaic – Technology Meets Craftsmanship

Want something a little different from the traditionally made mosaics? If you are looking for something modern to go with your contemporary space, our computer-generated mosaic designs might just be a perfect choice. MEC combines the traditional craft of mosaic making with modern technology to bring your PIXL mosaics. Thanks to modern technology and the wide range of mosaic tile colors, sizes and finishes available, any image can be digitally transformed into a mosaic painting design in a fraction of the time.

A PIXL-render mosaic of the Mona Lisa, a famous portrait painting by Leonardo da Vinci. The mosaic recreates the subtle smile and the intricate details of the original painting using mosaics of different colors.
Mosaic painting rendered of Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci. Made with exclusive AddTek software.

You can have your favorite iconic painting converted into a mosaic-ready design in mere seconds. The design renders are on the house, contact us today to get yours.

A PIXL-render mosaic inspired by A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte, a pointillist painting by Georges Seurat. The mosaic shows a scene of people relaxing in a park by the river.
Painting mosaic PIXL render based on Georges Seurat’s Sunday Afternoon On The Island Of La Grande Jatte
A PIXL-mosaic-painting inspired by The Artist's Garden at Giverny, a colorful landscape painting by Claude Monet.
PIXL glass mosaic painting render of Monet’s “The artist’s garden at Giverny”. Made with exclusive AddTek software.

Dive Into Art – Swimming Pool Mosaic Tiles Art

Adorning swimming pools with bespoke glass mosaic tile designs is one of MEC’s specialties. Pick a painting of your choice and watch it come to life as a stunning pool mosaic tile design. A pool clad with artistic mosaic tiles, imagine what a great conversation starter it would be! With a swimming pool so spectacular, it will be hard to resist taking a plunge. Immerse yourself in art (quite literally!), with art-inspired painting mosaic pools.

Creation of Adam – Michelangelo – Sistine Chapel Pool

Creation of Adam - Michelangelo - Sistine chapel pool
Behind-the-Scenes from the MEC workshop. Freshly completed ‘Creation of Adam’ – Michelangelo

Picture your pool turning into a masterpiece with our take on Michelangelo’s ‘Creation of Adam‘. Two hands, reaching out in pixelated detail against a majestic blue sky background. It’s like having a piece of classic art right in your backyard, making your pool time a unique blend of creativity and relaxation.

Creation of Adam - Michelangelo - Sistine chapel pool collage
A Modern Touch to Renaissance Artistry: The Creation of Adam Mosaic in a Contemporary Pool Setting by MEC.

The Starry Night – Vincent van Gogh Mosaic Painting Pool

Imagine your pool becoming a canvas for The Starry Night‘ by Vincent van Gogh. The mosaic, a stunning replication of his masterpiece, transforms the water into a living art piece. As sunlight dances on the tiles, you’ll find yourself surrounded by the enchanting swirls and vivid colors that echo the essence of this iconic painting. It’s like having a piece of art under the open sky, a personal connection to van Gogh’s timeless creativity right in your own backyard.

Van Gogh Starry Night inspired PIXL mosaic art for swimming pool
Vincent van Gogh – The Starry Night mosaic painting rendition for a swimming pool

Statues & Other Art Forms Recreated with Mosaic

Two-dimensional mosaic paintings are not the only art form that has been recreated in the tile medium Mosaic is a versatile medium and there are no limits to how creative you can get with it. Here is a mosaic version of the famous Manneken Pis fountain statue from Brussels made with glass tiles for a powder room wall:

MEC manehenn pis mosaic powder room glass tile
This mosaic artwork by MEC blends classical and modern artistry, creating a striking contrast between the intricate tiles and the geometric shapes.

Your Own Sketch or Painting to Mosaic

Why not get your own artwork immortalized with mosaic painting? Share your favorite snap, artwork or even your kid’s sketch and leave the rest to us. Here is a poolside mosaic mural that was inspired by a client’s photograph from his trip to Turkey. The blurry photo was first stylized as a semi-abstract painting and then recreated with hand-cut Murano glass mosaic painting.

Whirling Dervish handcut MUrano glass mosaic mural colorful
Whirling Dervishes Mosaic Paint custom handcrafted for a poolside wall

Curious about turning your vision into a mosaic masterpiece? Let me guide you through the exciting journey of creating your very own custom mosaic painting. From the initial spark of an idea to the final installation, here’s how the process unfolds seamlessly:

  1. Consultation – Begin with a personalized consultation to discuss your vision and preferences.
  2. Artwork Submission – Submit your original artwork or choose from famous masterpieces as inspiration.
  3. Design Rendering – Our team creates a free professional interior design rendering based on your chosen artwork and unique space.
  4. Customization – Tailor the mosaic to fit your space, adjusting size, shape, and color palette.
  5. Material Selection – Choose from a variety of high-quality materials, such as marble or various glass tile ranges.
  6. Color & Tile Sample – Request a physical tile sample delivered to you for a preview or approvals from other decision-makers on the project.
  7. Handcrafting or PIXL – Depending on your preference, opt for handcrafted handcut mosaics or the modern PIXL option.
  8. Approval Process – Review and approve the design, including the physical sample, before mosaic creation begins.
  9. Fabrication & Shipping – Once completed at the workshop, your custom mosaic is shipped to your doorstep in an easy-to-install form.
  10. Enjoy Your Masterpiece – Sit back, relax, and enjoy your one-of-a-kind mosaic painting.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Mosaic Painting?

Mosaic painting refers to the art of crafting mosaics inspired by paintings and artworks. This art form involves meticulously arranging small, colored tiles or tesserae, to recreate traditional paintings in a unique and intricate mosaic form. Unlike traditional painting, which uses brushes and pigments on a canvas, mosaic painting utilizes the assembly of tiles to form a complete picture.

Can I get a Van Gogh inspired custom mosaic for my swimming pool?

Absolutely! Van Gogh-inspired custom mosaics, such as the iconic ‘Starry Night,’ is a popular choice for swimming pools. We offer full customization, accommodating your pool’s shape, size, and color preferences. Explore various stylization options to make your pool mosaic a unique masterpiece.

Can I turn my own original artwork into mosaic?

Certainly! Yes, you can turn your own original artwork into a custom mosaic. Whether it’s a painting, sketch, or photograph, our team can adapt the design to fit your preferences and bring your artistic vision to life in the form of a stunning mosaic.

How do I choose between PIXL and handcut mosaic for my custom mosaic painting?

Consider the interior design and aesthetic you aim to achieve. The pixelated look of PIXL is ideal for modern and eclectic spaces, while handcut mosaic artworks seamlessly fit into more traditional and classical settings.

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