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Adding Mosaic Tile Art to Your Space

If you’re looking for that extra something to complete the design aesthetic of a space you’re working on, mosaic just might be the answer. Mosaic tile art has a rich history that spans over centuries. From ancient Roman dwellings to modern spaces, mosaics have withstood the test of time, ever-evolving but never outdated. What makes these tile embellishments timeless and popular is the perfect balance of ornamental properties and utilitarian functions.

Why Go Custom?

Why settle for off-the-shelf when you can have a mosaic that’s as unique as you are? Custom mosaics, especially those crafted from sleek glass, bring a vibe that’s all yours. From vibrant color themes to textures that pop, the options are endless

Mosaic Tile Problems

What Can Go Wrong with Mosaics?

There are plenty of things that can go wrong when ordering a custom made mosaic for your space. This would cause a loss in terms of money and time, which can be an inconvenience to say the least. Problems could set you back a few grand and disturb your whole renovation or project completion timeline.

black and white checkered bathroom wall mosaic border with several installation problems
Multiple Mosaic Tile Problems – Mismatched tile + Bad Grout Job + Unfinished Corners | Image Credit: Pro Tool Reviews

Fret not! You can easily avoid those issues by putting some time in researching to find the perfect mosaic solution, picking a trustworthy tile supplier and hiring an experienced tile installer-slash-contractor to do the job. Let us have a look at some things that need to be considered while getting a custom-designed glass tile mosaic. I have listed some common issues that can arise and smart ways on how they can be avoided.

A close up view of a pool waterline glass mosaic tiles with cracks
Pool Waterline Glass Mosaic Tiles with Cracks – Image Credit: User theack36 on Houzz

1. Precision Predicaments – Mismatched Mosaic Size

Issue: Mosaic Won’t Fit Perfectly

When ordering custom-designed mosaic for your walls, niches or backsplashes it is important to get them made precisely to the size of the space where it will be installed. 

For repeating pattern mosaic or random color blend, this won’t be a problem because the tile installer can simply cut off the excess if any, or add some tile to cover the difference. It would not disturb the overall look of the mosaic wall art. 

However, if it is a design or an image that must not be cropped from any side, the difference in mosaic size and the area of the space can be an unsightly design misfortune. It will ruin the whole design.

How To Avoid It

bespoke mosaic artwork with instructions on how to calculate the accurate area of wall for mosaics
A tropical escape in your own backyard. Relax on the comfy bench and enjoy the stunning mosaic mural of colorful birds and plants 🐦🌿
  • Simple rectangular areas can be calculated by just measuring the length and width. 
  • For other shapes and more complicated surfaces, you can either
    • get the help of your architect (they can calculate mark the exact area on the blueprints) or
    • take a large sheet of paper and trace out the area. You can then cut, fold and send these templates to the mosaic company and they will take care of the rest. 
  • For random color blends (like this mosaic blend swimming pool) and repeating patterns, the issue can be solved more easily. It is just a matter of ordering a little extra (about 10-15% overage) and having the installer cut off the excess strips if any.

2. Style Meets Struggle – Clashes with the Interior Design

Issue: Mosaic Does Not Go Well With the Interior

Tiles make the room, given that it is wisely picked with the rest of the interior design theme in mind. If planned well, mosaic tile art can upgrade the entire visual appeal of the space. However, you have to ensure that the mosaic compliments the colors and style of the room, or an outdoor space.

How To Avoid It

To minimize the risk of design and color clash, you get an idea of how that tile and design would look in the actual space. There are ways to achieve that, you can ask for tile samples and add them to your mood board. The great thing about samples is that you can place it in the exact setting where you want to get the mosaic installed. This will allow you to see how the tiles look in the artificial and natural light unique to that area. You can even get 2D & 3D renders prepared, this will give you an idea of how the complete mosaic tile design will fit in the space. Renders also help you choose the perfect design from several different options.

Visualize Your Custom Mosaic with Free Renders

While these services can usually cost up to 250 USD, excluding the revision charges, with MEC they are all on the house. We provide renders and design consultation as a part of your custom mosaic order package. Providing the client what they would love is our priority.

image of a mosaic rug sample board and installation. mosaic tile problems solved with renders and tile samples
A stunning mosaic artwork of birds and plants adorns the wall of this elegant stone building 🏛️

3. Design Dilemma – Limited Combinations & Palettes

Issue: Can’t Find What You Want

When looking at a design catalog, do you ever think to yourself, “these look great, but none of them are exactly what I am looking for? If only I could change the color palette or get the design tweaked a little…”. Trust us, we all do. Every room is unique, everyone’s aesthetic preferences are different, so it doesn’t make sense to try to fit a mass-produced ready-made design option. 

We understand how important getting everything right is for our clients. After all, you have invested so much time in putting together the perfect interior, you shouldn’t have to compromise on the mosaic tile design.

How To Avoid It

This is where customized designs come in. You won’t have to pick from a handful of design options and colors anymore. Nor should personalization have to cost you extra. You deserve a mosaic design made just for you, a tile masterpiece that is produced for your space. 

A mosaic artist assembling a blue-toned mosaic art piece of a bird, with various shades of blue tiles and design sketches visible.
The meticulous process of creating a vibrant, blue-toned mosaic artwork 🐦

4. The Grout Color Conundrum

Issue: The Wrong Grout Color Ruins the Mosaic Look

Picking the right grout color might be as important as choosing the mosaic tile design itself. If the grout color blends with the mosaic tile colors, the mosaic effect will be lost and the individual tiles will not stand out. If it is too dark or contrasting, the grout grid might overpower the mosaic design and would be too distracting. Grout spacing between the tiles is important as well.

A close-up view of a glass mosaic color blend with three different grout colors
The same glass mosaic color blend with 3 different grout colors – Image Credit: I C Mosaics

How To Avoid It

Generally, different shades of grey work with most mosaic designs. However, if you find it too bland or it does go with your mosaic tiles you can try clear translucent epoxy grout by MAPEI, Laticrete or another trusted tile adhesive and grout brand. If you are still undecided between a couple of different colors, you can consult with your tile contractor or the mosaic tile provider. When you choose MEC for your custom mosaic tile art, you get free ground color consultation and renders, so that’s a plus!

MAPEI grout color shades shown with a cup of coffee and a leafy branch
MAPEI Grout Color Samples

5. Budget Blues – Paying a Pretty Penny

Issue: Custom Mosaics That Break the Bank

If you are looking for a custom-designed mosaic, made with premium quality tiles that follow industry standards, the cost might be a concern. Some mosaic providers use substandard mosaic tiles and might overcharge you. Other mosaic brands have amazing quality control systems but expensive customization options. Considering the quality and price is important when it comes to mosaics, it should not cost you a fortune.

How To Avoid It

Here are some things you can do to  Do your research. Compare brands, features, and prices. Ask the mosaic provider if their tiles comply with industry standards, see the technical specification yourself. These steps will save you a lot of trouble and regret later. Learn all about how MEC manages to offer quality custom mosaics at the best prices.

6. Delivery Drama – Mosaic Mishaps in Transit

The journey home can be a bumpy ride for your mosaic. Secure packing is the unsung hero.

Issue: Mosaic Gets Damaged in Transit

If you are picking up your mosaic yourself, you probably do not need to worry about this. However, if your mosaic is getting shipped from another location to you, there is always a risk of damage during transit. Reasons might include, mishandling of packages, poorly packed mosaic or just the regular shaking and turbulence associated with various forms of transportation.

How To Avoid It

Properly packing the mosaic is vital for its safety. We have an exclusive packing system where we make a custom wooden box for each project that we ship out. It is further lined with special packing material to cushion the mosaic and minimize the impact of shocks and shakes. The damage risks are greatly controlled just by paying a little extra attention to the packing and opting for insurance. Furthermore, we have some trusted logistics partners such as DHL, who do their best to safely deliver your easy-to-assemble mosaics to your doorstep.

floral mosaic on a bathroom mirror arched wall representing creativity of handcrafted mosaics
A stunning mosaic of flowers on an arched doorway.

Installation Ins and Outs

Having your custom-made mosaic tile ruined because of installation problems is the last thing you, we know! However, there are many mosaic projects that face an unfortunate fate just because the installation was sub-par. Following are just some of the ways poor installation can affect what could have been a mosaic tile masterpiece.

7. Mosaic Tiles are Uneven

Your mosaic’s fate lies in the hands of the installer. No pressure, right?

Issue: Uneven Mosaic Tiles & Misaligned Grout Lines

This could be a result of not adequately preparing the surface or an uneven application of adhesive. Other problems include grout lines that are not equal, which creates an unsightly patchy effect. Grout lines should be uniform throughout the mosaic to achieve a seamless look.

How To Avoid It

An expert tile installer – Getting a trustworthy tile installer will almost eliminate the risk of all the installation issues mentioned above. Sometimes, the tile installer would try to put the blame of their own mistake over the mosaic tile or installation material used. An expert mosaic tile contractor would know the best techniques and can recommend which laying and fixing material would suit your project the best. Make sure that the tile contractor you hire, has prior experience with mosaic tile installation. Ask to see photographs from their previous projects. Authentic testimonials are always a plus.

A mosaic tile installer installing blue mosaic tiles on a wall with a trowel and adhesive
A mosaic expert tile installer fixing some PIXL mosaic sheets on a set of steps – this can avoid multiple mosaic tile problems – Image Credit: Hibalit

8. Mosaic Tiles Start Falling Off

A close-up view of broken mosaic tile in a substandard during installation
One of the most common mosaic tile problems with substandard pool tile installation – Image Credit: Klay Australia

Issue: Loose Tiles Falling Out

The falling mosaic tiles issue could be caused by a number of reasons from low-quality adhesive and grout material to the wrong use of standard laying and fixing materials to using the wrong kind of backing for mosaic sheets.

glass mosaic swimming pool with some tiles missing
A glass mosaic swimming pool with some tiles missing

How To Avoid It

TL:DR – A Summary of All The Mosaic Tile Problems Covered

Did you just want a quick overview of the mosaic tile problems mentioned in this article without all the boring details? I’ve got you covered. Here is a handy cheat-sheet for a quick reference:

1. Mosaic Size MismatchPrecision Measurement: Accurately measure the installation space for a seamless fit.
Template Creation: Create templates for complex areas, ensuring precise mosaic dimensions.
Pattern Planning: For repeated patterns, order extra tiles (10-15%) to accommodate adjustments.
2. Design-Interior ClashesSample Testing: Request tile samples to visualize how the mosaic blends with the room’s design.
Render Visualization: Use 2D & 3D renders to foresee the complete mosaic design in your space.
3. Limited Design OptionsBespoke Designs: Choose custom designs to match personal preferences without extra charges.
Cost-Free Customization: Ensure that customization doesn’t incur additional design fees.
4. Grout Color Not RightConsidered Grout Shades: Select grout shades that harmonize with mosaic colors for a balanced look.
Professional Guidance: Consult tile contractors or suppliers for advice on choosing grout colors.
Free Color Consultation: Some providers, like MEC, offer complimentary ground color consultation.
5. Budgetary ConcernsThorough Research: Investigate mosaic brands, features, and prices for a reasonable investment.
Quality Verification: Confirm mosaic tiles meet industry standards to balance cost and quality.
6. Uneven Tiles or Grout LinesSkilled Tile Installer: Employ an experienced tile installer to ensure even application and grout consistency.
Portfolio Inspection: Review the tile installer’s past projects through photographs for quality assurance.
7. Mosaic Tiles Start Falling OffQuality Adhesive and Grout: Choose reputable brands like MAPEI or Laticrete to avoid tile detachment issues.
Appropriate Backing: Ensure the correct backing (paper-faced for pools) is used for mosaic sheets.
8. Mosaic Gets Damaged in TransitCustom Secure Packaging: Opt for customized wooden boxes with special lining to minimize damage during transit.
Insurance Protection: Consider shipping insurance for added coverage against potential transit damage.
Ordering Overage: Include extra tiles in your order to account for potential damage or minor adjustments during installation.


So, yes, in the world of custom mosaics, a few bumps might pop up. But hey, a bit of research and asking the right questions can help you dodge those hurdles easily. We really hope this guide has been helpful for you. Here’s to your creative journey—may your mosaic adventures be nothing but joyful and satisfying. Happy creating!

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Worry Less with MEC

From providing free design consultation, renderings, and samples to inventive ways of cutting down the production timelines and prices; we have taken all measures to simplify the mosaic ordering process for you. Quality and customization shouldn’t have to be complicated and pricey. Here at MEC, we strive to make custom handmade mosaics more accessible to everyone.

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