Crafting Value: Custom Mosaics at the Best Prices – 4 Cost Cutting Strategies

collage of 3 images representing bespoke mosaic designs

How to Get Custom Mosaics at the Best Prices

Are you in search of a distinctive and personalized touch for your upcoming remodeling or renovation project? Custom-made glass and marble mosaics open up a world of possibilities for your interior design project with tailor-made, handcrafted masterpieces. Tailor-made handcrafted products that require manual skill are often more costly than mass-produced standard design items. Unlike mass-produced standard designs, handmade mosaic art adds value through the infusion of human touch—creativity, expertise, and an artistic flair that machines can never replicate.

glass mosaic mural making behind the scenes. Green leaves, butterfly and glass mosaic tiles
A Monarch butterfly flutters over a vibrant mosaic of tropical leaves. Handcrafted with glass pieces, this mural brings nature’s beauty to life.

Affordable Custom Mosaics: MEC’s Approach

“How do they manage that without cutting corners or compromising on the quality?”, you might be wondering, and rightfully so. Let me walk you through all the special measures we undertake to cut costs intelligently, that not only make high-quality mosaic art available at competitive rates but also ensure tiles that match industry benchmarks and international quality standards.

Here’s an overview of our cost-cutting strategies:

  • Technology & Streamlined Processes   
  • Lower Production Costs 
  • Bulk Buying Material & Inventory Management
  • Economies of Scope
  • Direct Distribution Channel

1. Technology & Streamlined Processes

There doesn’t always have to be a trade-off between efficiency and flexibility, not when you love challenges and think smart. At MEC, we evolve with the ever-changing demands in the world of interior design & architecture. We love embracing technology and incorporating it into our design and production systems alongside handmade craftsmanship. 

Computer-Integrated Mosaic-Making

Say hello to PIXL, our not-so-secret weapon in the world of mosaic artistry. PIXL, a system born out of our partnership with OffRoad Solutions, marries technology and art seamlessly. Its role? Reducing costs and unlocking a treasure trove of design possibilities. Imagine complex abstract designs effortlessly transformed into mosaic-ready drawings within minutes – that’s PIXL at work, making customization a breeze.

Quality Management System

Crafting custom mosaics isn’t just about creativity; it’s also about precision and excellence. To ensure every piece meets our high standards, we’ve implemented a quality management system. Paired with computer-integrated mosaic-making technology, this system is the backbone of our commitment to quality. It’s how we cut costs smartly without compromising on the craftsmanship or the end result.

2. Production Costs

The optimal location of production is another major reason behind our ability to provide custom-made mosaic tile art at a price that our competitors cannot match.

Strategic Location in Asia

All our production facilities and warehouses are located in Lahore, Pakistan. Having our mosaic fabrication workshops set up in this South Asian country allows us to tap into an infrastructure that supports mosaic production efficiently, translating to savings without compromising quality. The production costs involved in the mosaic making are lower than they would be in the USA or Canada. One of the most obvious benefits might be lower labor costs; read further to find out how MEC manages labor costs lower without compromising on fair wages.

close- up marble mosaic handcrafted workshop
Marble Mosaic Tile Rug Flooring Design in the making

Fair Compensation and Positive Work Environment

MEC values its craftsmen and workers, believing in fair compensation above industry standards. We strive to maintain a positive work environment that fosters creativity, satisfaction, and a genuine love for crafting custom mosaics. It’s a win-win that reflects in the quality of our products and the happiness of our artisans.

3. Bulk Buying Material & Inventory Management

In our mosaic-making journey, quality begins with sourcing the finest materials globally. From the artistic landscapes of Italy to the vibrant markets of Spain, each marble slab and glass mosaic tile is carefully chosen to meet our exacting standards.

Painters make art with paint, we make spectacular decorative artwork with mosaic tiles and we are always prepared. We purchase our marble slabs as well as glass mosaic tiles and sheets in bulk. Paying wholesale prices for the basic material helps us derive costs down without cutting corners.

Marble mosaic slabs shipment being unpacked at the MEC warehouse. Bulk buying quality material to offer mosaic at the best prices
A pile of wooden panels with grooves, waiting to be used for construction or crafting projects.
stock and pallets warehouse mosaics at the best prices post
A warehouse full of wooden crates, each labeled with identification numbers.

And behind the scenes, our smart inventory management system, implemented in 2015, ensures a seamless workflow. It’s the silent force that not only saves time but also guarantees the right materials are always within reach.

4. Economies of Scope

Diversity meets affordability seamlessly in our world of custom mosaics. Using the same materials, technology, and machinery for various designs ensures not only consistent quality but also budget-friendly per-unit costs.  Read more about economies of scope and economies of scale on this informative Investopedia article.

a collage representing bespoke mosaic fabrication process with wide variety of colors used
A collage of photos showcasing the colorful and intricate mosaic artworks by MEC ARTWORKS

5. Direct Distribution Channel

MEC’s distribution channel is pretty simple – from our workshop straight to your doorstep. The absence of intermediaries such as distributors and retailers is another reason why we can offer quality mosaics at the best prices. There are no middlemen, no extra margins or costs that come with it (costs that customers end up having to pay eventually). It’s a straightforward process designed with your convenience and cost savings in mind.

Shipping containers on a port
Shipping containers on a port. Photo: World Bank / Torie Smith

Trusted logistics partners like DHL and UPS ensure a smooth & safe shipment. This direct route not only saves costs but also offers you more flexibility and faster delivery.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why is mosaic so expensive?

Mosaics can be costly due to the use of high-quality materials, intricate designs, and skilled craftsmanship. Factors like material selection, design complexity, and manual labor contribute to the overall expense. While prices vary, the investment often reflects the unique artistry and craftsmanship that go into creating each mosaic piece.

What is the average cost of a custom mosaic tile?

Custom mosaic costs vary widely based on factors like design intricacy, fabrication technique, materials, and colors. To get an accurate estimate tailored to your project, share your budget and project details with our design consultant. They will recommend the perfect custom mosaics that align with your vision and financial considerations.

Can I get a custom quote for my mosaic project?

Absolutely! Contact us for a personalized quote on your dream mosaic project. We tailor our pricing to suit your vision, ensuring that the elegance and uniqueness of a custom mosaic won’t break the bank.

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