A Toast to Art: Wine Glass Mosaic for a Luxe Dubai Hills Residence

When Design Integrated (DI), an specialized AEC consultant based in Dubai, envisioned a unique transformation for a powder room in a luxurious Dubai Hills residence, they knew exactly who to call. They reached out to MEC with a dream of a custom glass mosaic that would be an eyecatching statement piece.

Our creative journey kicked off with DI sharing the washroom layout, sparking a series of discussions and in-person meetings. With a treasure trove of design inspirations in hand and a clear vision for their space, DI set the stage for an artistic collaboration. They entrusted us with the challenge of crafting a custom made one-of-a-kind work of art.

powder room bathroom plan layout by DI

A Variety of Mosaic Art Design Options

MEC rose to the occasion, presenting 11 distinctive options that showcased the versatility and artistry of our team. Our proposals ranged from vibrant, handcut glass mosaic murals to abstract designs, including:

  • Intricate floral and botanical themes, such as a detailed close-up of a pine tree
  • Striking artistic portraits that spanned from modern styles to ancient Greek-inspired art
  • A serene silhouette of a ballerina gracefully illuminated by soft streetlights

Out of these captivating designs, one option captured their imagination: a dynamic red wine glass mosaic. This choice was a departure from our typical handcrafted glass mosaic art. Instead of using our usual small Murano and Vertex glass mosaic tiles, we opted for Jade glass sheets. This material allowed us to create medium-sized, irregularly shaped pieces, achieving a unique broken tile mosaic look.

DI AEC Dubai Hill design presentation options mosaic for powder room wall

Jade Glass – Unusual Tile Material & Techniques

Jade glass sheets are notable for their similarity to stained Tiffany glass, offering a broad spectrum of colors and finishes. These sheets come in various hues, including solid colors, monotone shades, translucent varieties, iridescent finishes, and multi-colored blends that create mesmerizing effects.

For this project, our mosaic artists and craftsmen meticulously cut the Jade glass sheets into medium-sized, irregularly shaped pieces, achieving a stunning broken tile mosaic look. The challenge was to capture the transparent appearance of the wine glass using colored glass mosaics, and the result was nothing short of breathtaking.

Each tile was carefully hand-cut and arranged to create a dynamic piece that captures the essence of liquid motion. The vibrant reds, deep blacks, and subtle whites came together to form a captivating image of a wine glass being filled. The various shades and hues of glass tiles created a mesmerizing effect, utilizing the unique properties of Jade glass to bring the design to life.

Behind-the-Scenes Look | Fabrication at the Workshop

The creation process was intricate and detailed. Our artists carefully selected and hand-cut each piece of Jade glass to assemble the mural. The vibrant colors and dynamic highlights showcase the stunning detail and craftsmanship that went into this project.

Here are some behind-the-scenes photos of the mosaic being crafted at our workshop, along with images of the Jade glass color library. Soon, we’ll also add photos of the completed installation.

Stay tuned for more updates and the final reveal of this stunning mosaic installation!

For a closer look at this mesmerizing mosaic art, check out our YouTube short where we showcase the intricate details and vibrant colors of the red wine pour captured in Jade Glass.

Mosaic Magic Awaits

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