Cubism Art Inspired Mosaic Masterpieces for TATEL

We’re thrilled to share a sneak peek into our recent collaboration with Forsite Creative and Food Quest Restaurants Management LLC! Straight from our workshop, we present three artistic mosaics that will soon adorn the walls of TATEL Restaurant in Downtown Dubai UAE.

Among them, two are inspired by iconic works of Juan Gris and Pablo Picasso. Gris’ Violin and Newspaper mosaic is beautifully rendered in grayscale, while the mosaic rendition of Picasso’s Head of a Woman Reading showcases a distinct color scheme, tailored to the client’s vision.

Drawing inspiration from the timeless principles of the Cubist movement, our team meticulously crafted each mosaic tile, paying homage to the emphasis on geometric forms and abstract representations.By carefully selecting Murano and Vertex glass mosaic tiles, we achieved a harmonious balance between texture, color, and light, enhancing the depth and visual impact of each mosaic artwork.

TATEL, recognized for its premium establishments in prominent locations worldwide, including Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Riyadh, Madrid, and Ibiza, delivers an unforgettable culinary journey through the flavors of Spain.

With a nod to the rich cultural heritage of Spain, our mosaics serve as visual narratives, seamlessly blending the works of Spanish artists like Juan Gris and Pablo Picasso with the essence of TATEL’s Spanish culinary experience. Each mosaic tells a story, taking guest on a journey through the vibrant colors, dynamic shapes, and rich symbolism of Cubist aesthetics, while celebrating the artistic legacy of the country.

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