top-down view render of a swimming pool depicting a custom made mosaic tile art with a collage of palette and design inspiration

How to Customize a Pool with Stunning Glass Mosaics

Imagine having an artistic customized pool for your space that is not just a pool but a creative way of expressing art that makes you feel very pleased- it can suddenly change your mood. It is a corner that shines and glistens with its beautiful glass mosaic tiles, reflecting a stunning effect on you and the people visiting your place. 

A pool that represents your style and personality and gives you a feeling that you’re in your dream oasis. You’re not the only individual who desires a beautiful pool here. So many others from different corners of the world would like to have an elegant pool. However, most of them need to learn how to achieve it and how they can customize their pools according to their choice.

From Boring to Breathtaking: A Creative Journey of Pool Revolution 

Pools have undergone a remarkable transformation over time. The old pools were costly and limited in design and creativity. Mosaic tiles have opened up new possibilities for pool aesthetics and functionality. Nowadays, people know to customize their pools with stylish glass mosaic designs with creative patterns and images reflecting their creative minds and personalities.

Pools have become a piece of art that brings people joy and pride and here at MEC, we get it. Get free design conusltation today!

Pools in the early years

The journey of pools has taken a complete turn over time from the common basin filled with water to the elegant and sophisticated customized structure to suit any preferences. Below are a few reasons to ditch the outdated pools and start admiring the new ones customized with the Bespoke Glass Mosaic Designs:

  • Old pools had to undergo frequent cleaning and maintenance, adding up to a hefty amount. 
  • They were more prone to cracking and chipping due to the pool’s expansion and contraction from the water’s weight.
  • They were more susceptible to staining and algae growth, as plaster was porous and retained dirt and chemicals.
  • They were less durable and customizable, as the plaster had a limited range of colors and textures compared to mosaic tiles. Bill, on top of the expensive initial installation.
  • Old pools were less creative and attractive than the new ones. They looked similar, did not match your vibe, and did not reflect the owner’s preferences and style. 
  • Last but not least, the old pools needed mosaic tiles and artwork, which could enhance their beauty and uniqueness. 

“Give your old pool a modern makeover with MEC Glass Mosaic, the perfect blend of classic and contemporary. MEC offers handcrafted & PIXL Mosaic designs and colors for your creativity.”

The Art of Mosaic Pool Design: Old pools are out, and the new ones are in!

After years of boring time with the old pools, people realize they can make it more creative, attractive, unique, and personalized by customizing them. They discovered many ways and options to enhance their pools and make them according to their taste and lifestyle. One of the best ways they discovered is to customize their pools with unique mosaic art tiles.

  • Adding mosaic tile features, decorations, and accessories can make your pool stand out. 
  • Mosaic comes in various designs and patterns that can go with any shape of your pool and enhance its beauty. 
  • You can choose from various mosaic designs such as floral, animal, logo, patterns, abstractions, or lines.
Onda – Vertex Glass Mosaic Pool Tile PIXL Design

“Create a pool that is calming for the summers and tells a story with Mosaic tiles. Mosaics are the ultimate way to customize your dream pool and make it a reflection of your style and taste.”

Customize Your Pool With MEC’s Mosaics: 11 Steps Journey to Pool Perfection

Do you have a vision for your pool’s mosaic design? Do you want it to be artistic and practical, reflecting your personality and taste? If yes, then you need a partner to turn your vision into reality. That’s where MEC comes in.

We have a team of creative and skilled minds who will work with you to create your mosaic masterpiece. With MEC, you are just 11 steps away from customized pool perfection.

  1. Connect with MEC
    Begin your pool customization journey by reaching out to MEC. Let us know if you want to turn your pool into a personalized masterpiece.
  2. Share Your Vision
    Share your dreams and desires for your pool’s mosaic design. Convey your thoughts, ideas, and inspirations, and provide us with insights into your pool’s dimensions. Feel free to share photos and sketches to help us understand your vision.
  3. Dive into Design Options
    MEC’s skilled design team will craft various design options based on your vision. We’ll present you with options that align with your expectations, utilizing our expertise to bring your ideas to life.
  4. Review and Refine
    Once the designs are ready, it’s your turn to provide feedback. Let us know what you love, what needs tweaking, and any additional changes you envision. We value your input, and our design team will make adjustments accordingly.
  5. Seal the Design Approval
    Move forward once you’re satisfied with the design. The initial design presentations are on the house – no cost to you. Your approval signals the green light for the next steps.
  6. Receive Your Quote
    MEC will send you a detailed quote for the fabrication and production of your custom pool mosaic tile. Rest assured, our prices are reasonable, and we guarantee top-notch quality.
  7. Confirm Your Order
    If you’re happy with the quote, confirm your order and make the payment. Your journey to a personalized pool is officially underway.
  8. Mosaic Magic in Production
    With your payment secured, our production team gets to work on crafting your mosaic tile. We use premium materials and advanced techniques to ensure durability and elegance.
  9. Preview Time
    Before we dispatch your mosaic, we’ll share a preview with you. Take a peek at the final product to ensure it aligns perfectly with your specifications.
  10. Free Delivery
    Give the green light, and we’ll handle the packaging and shipping for free. Your mosaic will be delivered right to your doorstep.
  11. Revel in Pool Perfection
    The final step is to bask in the beauty of your custom pool mosaic. Whether you’re a high-end homeowner or an individual with a taste for customization, you now have a stunning, one-of-a-kind piece of art enhancing the allure of your pool.

Customize Your Pool with Mosaic For An Artful Outlook

Mosaic is a great way to spice up your pool and make it more attractive and enjoyable. With mosaic tile creativity, you can create stunning designs and patterns that reflect your style. Whether you want to add color, sparkle, or texture, MEC Mosaic can help you turn your pool into a beautiful oasis of relaxation and fun. 

Glass mosaics are the best choice for your pool. We have our one write-up on the comparison of Custom Glass Mosaics with Porcelain and it will tell you how and why glass mosaics are the best for your pool. Just give it a try!

Best Tile for Pool – How Glass Mosaic Compares with Porcelain and Ceramic?

Relax and unwind

As you swim, you feel the gentle texture of the tiles on your skin, creating a sensory experience that calms your mind and body. Mosaic is more than just a pool decoration. It is an art form that enhances your well-being and transforms your pool into a sanctuary.

Custom Pools by MEC | Intricate handmade glass mosaic medallion for the hot tub.
Treat yourself with an intricate handmade glass mosaic medallion for the hot tub. Relaxing in a Jacuzzi has never been this regal.

Beyond the Rectangle, Try New Shapes

Pools of rectangle shapes are dull and overly old-fashioned, but there’s a world of possibilities when it comes to the customization of your pool. Having a fantastic place for your pool at your house drives a new shape pool such as oval, gunite, or any freeform shape. You can choose from a variety of customized mosaic tile shapes that match your pool’s dimensions. MEC provides a large selection of mosaic tiles that you can personalize according to your pool’s shape.

Custom Pools MEC | Luxury Indoor Round Pool with beautiful mosaic tile medallions
Mosaic works for all water bodies or every shape and size. Like this breathtaking symmetrical floral medallion, luxury glass mosaic art has the capacity to elevate the style quotient of any space effortlessly.

Swim in the Sea of Colors

Don’t let your pool be all blue and transparent, like the color of the water. Customize your pool with Glass Mosaics and add fun. It will create stunning and exciting patterns and designs of different colors on your pool’s bottom surface, making it look like a very bright and vibrant underwater world. With the MEC artistic Mosaic of various hues, you can swim among the colorful water and feel like you’re in a different dimension.

glass mosaic custom pool floor designs PIXL whimsical color swirls
A splash of art: explore the beauty and creativity of this pool, where the mosaic design transforms the water into a stunning canvas of swirls and waves.

Light Up the Night

Pools look boring at night when there’s no light reflected in the water. Led lights are a low-cost and easy way to customize your pool, making it more exciting, enchanting, and inviting at night. You can add LED lights at the steps of your pool or the boundary line of it. It will make your pool very bright and eye-catchy.

Thousands of glass tiles glisten in the light and create a mesmerizing effect in the abstract mosaic swimming pool by MEC.
Admire the beauty and sophistication of this modern mosaic pool, where the flawless combination of light and water showcases the artistry and elegance of contemporary architecture.AAdmire the beauty and sophistication of this modern mosaic pool

Lounge in the Sun

 Adding a sun shelf or baja bench is a beautiful customization in your pool’s surroundings. A Baja bench is a long, flat bench just a few inches above your pool, and it’s the best thing for sitting in shallow water in the summer. Read your favorite novel or book while soaking up the sun and putting your foot into the water. Have fun, gain knowledge and be relaxed at the same time. However, adding cushions, umbrellas, or tables can make your pool lounge decent and cozy. 

Nate custom pool mosaic presentation baja shelf
A serene escape to nature’s embrace, where the crystal clear waters meet the lush greenery. 🍃🏊‍♂️✨

Make your pool Similar to your choice.

With fountains, you can add more fun and moments to your pool.

Customizing your pool with Mosaic can create a harmonious and cohesive look for your house. Choose the Mosaic tile that should match the interior or architecture of your place. It could be the same color as your interior and give a similar vibe to your architecture aesthetically using the same pattern or design.

MEC has a variety of mosaic tiles; whether you are looking for a modern, electric, traditional, or generic, we have it all.

The mosaic pool sparkles in the wide-angle shot.

Why Choose MEC Mosaic Tiles For The Customization of Your Pool?

Choosing a MEC handcrafted mosaic to customize your pool would be best. We can transform it into a creative masterpiece of art. When considering customizing your pool with MEC mosaic tile, dive into the few features that can blow up your mind.


You can choose from various mosaic designs or create custom artwork or images to suit your taste and style.


MEC uses high-quality glass mosaic tiles that are durable, chemical-resistant, easy to clean, and anti-slip. MEC also provides a lifetime guarantee for your pool Mosaics. 


MEC offers competitive prices and flexible payment options for their pool’s mosaic tile customization services. For your project, you can get a free consultation and quote. 


MEC creative Mosaic artworks for your pool can transform your outdoor and indoor space into a stunning oasis that will impress your guests and enhance the look and enjoyment.

A Final Word On Customizing Your Pool With Mosaic Art 

We are at the point where we are wrapping this piece. Hopefully, this insight has given you creative ideas on “how to customize the pool with glass mosaic.” Grab those inspirations for your next customized pool project. So many ways and features that can spice up your pool and make it beautiful, elegant, and fun by adding LED lights and water features and decorating it with coffee tables and couches. Still, they can’t replace the versatility of mosaic tiles. Glass mosaic tiles are not only beautiful and creative. They can add aesthetics to your pool and also a lifetime investment. Contact us today for a free design consultation!

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I personalize my pool mosaic to suit my style or brand? 

Glass mosaic tiles let you customize your pool according to your choice. You can choose designs, patterns, and colors to match your style or even include your brand logo and colors for a consistent look. The mosaic tiles give you the freedom to express your creatively. 

How can I ensure my outdoor pool mosaic tile lasts long?

Glass mosaic tiles are durable. They can withstand chemical reactions, temperature changes, and UV rays, making them ideal for outdoor pools. They are also easy to maintain and do not lose color or get stained easily. Choose MEC’s mosaic tiles and ensure your pool’s best quality and durability.  

Can I customize my current pool with mosaic tiles?

Yes, you can customize your current pool with mosaic tiles. Mosaic tile artwork is a great way to enhance the look and feel of your existing pool. You don’t need to build a new pool to enjoy the benefits of mosaic art. Just replace your old tiles with new mosaic art tiles that match your vision and vibe.  

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