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The Versace Mansion in Miami Florida has inspired many Versace Medusa medallion themed pools around the world. This is the latest pool area Versace medusa mosaic project by MEC. Instead of getting the Medusa medallion on the floor of their semi covered swimming pool, the client chose another spot for it. A hand-cut Versace logo mosaic shall be placed on a cascade wall next to the pool. The design features a Vertex 20 glass mosaic fading blend in a turquoise and mint green tiles around the medallion. The pool bed features an abstract PIXL design made with MEC’s AddTek system. The colors of the pool tiles and the wall are matching. The medallion creates a nice contrast making it the focal point of the space.

Functionality meets Allure at our deluxe range of custom handcrafted glass mosaic pool designs. Treat your your pool like a canvas you can fill with priceless art by MEC; dazzle everybody with your fancy natatorium and immerse into ultimate luxury for the perfect retreat.

You can take your pool to the next level with custom glass mosaic art too – contact us now.

Material: Vertex 20mm glass (Vitreous Glass)
Technique: Handcut tile details & PIXL AddTek? Mosaic
Location: Ahmedabad, Gujrat, India

Versace Logo Pool Wall



Hand cut




10ft x 15ft

Frequently Used Dimensions

  • 15ft x 20ft | $13,800
  • 20ft x 30ft | $24,000

* Bespoke Glass Mosaic Pool Design
* Thickness 4mm (including mesh)
* Anti-slip Pool Mosaics
* Color Fade Resistant
* Suitable for Indoors & Outdoors. All weather resistant.
* Design & Colors can be customized. Get free design renders.
* Easy Installation
* Standard Orders Ship For Free-Arriving in 4-8 Weeks, Globally!

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