Osevile Sepia Glass Tile Shower Mosaic

Need some wall decor ideas for your space? How about some abstract art with a neat twist. Designed with the help of technology and made with tiny glass mosaic tiles! Vertex glass mosaic is surprisingly practical, easy-to-clean, thermal shock resistant and suitable for wet and humid spaces. Osevile Sepia features abstract curving lines and blue splotches on a largely brown-gray canvas.

Upgrade your interior design with abstract mosaic wall art pieces like Osevile. AddTek system uses the vast color library to produce complex PIXL mosaic designs within seconds. All PIXL designs are customizable. Get your today, along with with free 3D interior design renders.

The pattern and colorway are fully customizable. Want an Osevile themed swimming pool design? Call us today for free design consultation and samples.

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