Nurva Glass Mosaic Tile Pool

Nurva mosaic tile art was originally created for feature walls and murals. However, like all our designs, this PIXL mosaic design adjusted and tweaked for swimming pools. We converted it to a pool ready design and shared it with the client with a free 3D render. About the mosaic Nurva is an abstract PIXL mosaic draws inspiration from abstract watercolor paintings and colored ink in water.

To capture something so flowy and full of movement in something as solid as tiles is quite a challenge. We are able to achieve that so seamlessly using our exclusively developed AddTek system. Nurva was converted into this stunning glass mosaic wall art using a software that lets us convert digital art into such designs within seconds.

Material: Vertex 20mm Glass
Technique: PIXL AddTek® Mosaic
Location: Podgorica, Montenegro

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