Marble Mosaic Niches & Glass Pool Tile Art

We love working on this pool area project. It features so many different designs which worked amazingly together. Starting from the Versace medallion made with blue and white glass mosaic. It features the famous Medusa medallion with a simple Greek key border. It has a basic classical European pool floor mosaic pattern with wavy ribbon meander waterline tile. The niches feature hand cut marble mosaic designs inspired from Greek ornaments and Early Roman palmettes and floral scrolls. The marble niches also features Greek and Roman inspired elements like urns and cornucopia.

The image is in fact a computer generated 3D render custom prepared for this specific project. You can also request renders for your mosaic design projects to better visualize a design.

Material: Vertex 20mm Glass
Technique: PIXL AddTek? Mosaic
Location: Bahrain

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