Lavessi Blue Mosaic Tile Wall Art

Does acrylic pour abstract art fascinate you as much as it fascinates us? There is just something about that liquid marble effect that is so captivating. Levessi is MEC’s take on bringing that abstract paint effect to mosaic tile. You can use PIXL mosaic designs for you walls, backplashes and swimming pools. The color palette of Lavessi mosaic is inspired by the ocean, with several shades of blue. The glass mosaic art features some scattered silver and white tiles that introduce a shimmering glitter effect to the abstract wall mosaic art.

Vertex glass an ideal tile for wet and humid areas. Other than its aesthetic features it is surprisingly practical. Glass mosaic is non-porous, easy-to-clean, resistant to thermal shock and cleaning chemicals. The vertex glass mosaic tile colors so not fade over time from sun or other factors because the color is infused in the glass body itself. Want to convert one of your own art pieces or paintings into mosaic? Let MEC help you with that!

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