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This is a modified version of Incredible Rainforest Teal from our PIXL Mist catalog. It was customized for another client’s pool to add more texture and brighter colors. The walls of the pool and the interior of the hot tub corner feature a Vertex 20 blend (random mixing) with a matching color palette. If you ever stumbled upon an original MEC mosaic design that you really like but it does not quite fit in your space, we can help. Let us know what changes you need and we will customize it to your preference.

Vertex Glass is non-porous, durable and can with stand extreme weather and temperature changes. There are dozens of colors and several finishes to choose from for your custom mosaic art.

Material: Vertex 20mm Glass (Vitreous Glass)
Technique: PIXL AddTek? Mosaic
Location: Jersey City, New Jersey, USA

Incredible Rainforest Teal Pool Mosaic

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