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Introducing our Golden and Brown Buddha Mural, a PIXL mosaic crafted using the advanced AddTek system. This smart and time-saving technology digitally converts any image into a mosaic-ready design within seconds, utilizing a rich library of colors. Each glass tile is then arranged on specialized backlit LED grids during fabrication, one mosaic panel at a time until the artwork is completed.

The color theme of this mural is predominantly dark and powerful, with a dramatic blend of deep brown, black, and gold hues. The rich, earthy tones create a striking contrast, capturing the serene aura and spiritual essence embodied by the Buddha.

Its bold color scheme evokes a sense of strength and depth, making a profound visual statement suitable for any feature wall. Whether displayed in a living space or meditation area, this artwork not only enhances your interior decor but also invites reflection and contemplation. Handcrafted glass tile Buddha statue mosaic fuses modern innovation with timeless spiritual inspiration.

Glass Tile Buddha Mosaic Mural



Brown, Gold




4ft x 4ft

Frequently Used Dimensions

  • 5ft x 5ft | $2,460
  • 6ft x 6ft | $3,200
  • Handcut Mosaic Wall Art
  • Thickness 4mm (including mesh)
  • Suitable for Indoors & Outdoors. All weather resistant.
  • Color Fade Resistant
  • Design & Colors can be customized. Get free design renders.
  • Easy Installation
  • Standard Orders Ship For Free-Arriving in 4-8 Weeks, Globally!

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