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Owners of a beautiful classical French house recently approached us to get something custom made for the exterior of their home.The front elevation has these gorgeous arched niches in between white columns but they felt sort of empty, like something was missing. The clients wanted to stay true to the existing theme of the house and not get anything too flashy or contrasting. We discussed all the mosaic options and decided to go with a nice natural marble stone palette. These marble colors compliment the earthy tones of the rest of the house so well.

For the mosaic design of the elevation niches, the MEC design team studied classical designs. We used some antique wallpaper designs as an inspiration. The lead designer extracted elements from different patterns and combined them so seamlessly into new custom patterns. We did all that while preserving that classical motif aesthetic. This facade render was prepared on the house for the client, see how nicely the colors go together and blend with the elevation.

Material: Marble mosaic
Marble Colors: Crema Marfil, Saffron, Crema Valencia, Verde Apline, Alcante, Light Emperador, Dark Emperador
Technique: Hand-cut Mosaic
Location: Salalah, Oman

French Marble Mosaic Niches

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