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Eulan glass tile mosaic is a PIXL tile pattern based on abstract art. It is complicated to preserve the texture and gradients from a digital drawing or a painting to a mosaic. This is where MEC’s exclusive AddTek system comes in. The software part of this mosaic design and fabrication system converts any image into a mosaic-ready design within seconds. It does that using the mosaic colors from our tile library. Color palette can be further manually tweaked. This makes the mosaic creation process quite smooth – it cuts down the time consumed and the costs as well. The hardware part of AddTek consists of programmable LED backlit grid panels. This allows for a fast and simple fabrication process.

Mosaics can have a huge visual impact on a space. Here is an example of how a classic interior and neutral-colored space can be completely transformed by the introduction of a little glass mosaic art. Eulan mosaic adds a splash of color and excitement. If you want to see Eulan mosaic in a color theme other than this cool blue-green one, simply drop us a message.

Eulan Mosaic Tile Wall Art





Beige & Cream, Blue


4ft x 6ft

Frequently Used Dimensions

  • 8ft x 10ft | $6,320
  • 12ft x 15ft | $11,700
  • Glass Mosaic PIXL Wall Art.
  • Thickness 4mm (including mesh)
  • Suitable for Indoors & Outdoors. All weather resistant.
  • Color Fade Resistant
  • Design & Colors can be customized. Get free design renders.
  • Easy Installation
  • Standard Orders Ship For Free-Arriving in 4-8 Weeks, Globally!

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