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Give your walls a touch of classic European charm with the Dekorr marble mosaic. This design, inspired by Baroque art, brings a rich, elegant look to any space.

Dekorr features a variety of natural marble stones, skillfully arranged to create smooth, eye-catching three-dimensional effects. The deep Indian Green marble contrasts beautifully with lighter shades, bringing out the intricate details of the design. You’ll notice ancient Roman chalice scrollwork and lovely floral motifs, all adding to the mosaic’s unique character. The craftsmanship ensures that Dekorr not only looks beautiful but also feels rich and textured.

While Dekorr was originally designed as a marble floor rug, it has been wonderfully adapted to enhance wall niches, providing a charming focal point in your entryway or a beautiful detail in your dining room.

Dekorr Marble Mosaic Wall Niche


Gold, Green


Hand cut

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