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This glass mosaic wall art captures the essence of a serene coastal landscape, with seagulls soaring gracefully across a bright blue sky. The scene, with its traditional Asian illustration influences, is enhanced by a glowing sun, wispy clouds, and delicately swaying reeds, creating a peaceful and picturesque display.

Each tile is meticulously hand-cut and placed to create a vivid, textured effect that’s both striking and durable. Ideal for walls and backsplasjes this mosaic combines the beauty of nature with exceptional craftsmanship. Perfect for humid areas and outdoor spaces, the non-porous and fade-resistant mosaic can be customized to suit your style and color preferences. Whether installed in a bathroom, living room, or outdoor patio, this mosaic art brings a touch of coastal charm to your space. Let the scenic Seagull mosaic mural transport you to a tranquil seaside setting.


Coastal Seagull and Sun Mosaic Wall Art




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