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Calista floral glass mosaic art features large, vibrant flowers with meticulously detailed petals in shades of pink, purple, and a hint of blue, along with metallic foil tiles. Hand-cut and carefully arranged, the petals appear to be disintegrating at the edges and dispersing into the background, creating a stunning artistic effect. The iridescent quality of some tiles adds a magical touch, revealing hidden details with movement or as the light changes.

The mosaic is showcased in three different settings, highlighting its versatility. Serene Window Nook – Next to a window, the mosaic enhances a serene space with its vibrant colors and shimmering details. A comfortable seating area nearby, with a chair and footrest, offers a perfect spot to admire the mosaic.

In a chic living room, it enhances a wall, paired with a plush pink sofa and elegant decor. The room includes lush plants and stylish furnishings, creating a harmonious blend of natural and artistic elements. The petals’ scattering effect adds a sense of movement, making the design feel alive and dynamic.

In a modern kitchen, it sits within an arched niche, serving as a striking focal point. The kitchen’s minimalist decor, with its sleek island and contemporary chairs, allows the mosaic to stand out, adding a burst of color and artistic flair to the space.

Each piece of this mosaic is handcrafted, ensuring unique and high-quality artwork. Customizable in size and color, it can be tailored to fit your space perfectly. Designed for both indoor and outdoor use, this mosaic can be a timeless centerpiece for any setting.



Calista Floral Glass Mosaic Art




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