Blue Splash Pool Mosaics

We often spend time choosing the perfect ornamental pieces to decorate our walls but have you ever considered art for your swimming pool? MEC brings you a wide range of artistic pool mosaic tiles that you can chose from. Blue Splash artistic pool mosaic art features a watercolor inspired abstract PIXL tile work. It is fascinating how the colors and tiles used in Blue Splash are more or less the same ones you see in random blend glass tile pools. Some creativity and technology can transform simple glass tiles into art for your house. If you like this stunning abstract pool art, check out our other abstract glass mosaic PIXL collections as well!

That is not all, other than the hundreds of pool mosaic patterns available in our catalogs, you can get a custom one too. Imagine a personlized, one-of-a-kind mosaic that would set your space apart and make it memorable. We can convert any image or design concept into a mosaic ready design with the help of our AddTek system. Contact us today, for free renders and design consultation.

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