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This striking glass mosaic mural captures the essence of abstract botanical art with a refreshing blue color palette. The design features intricate blue palm leaves set against a white background, accented with subtle gold and beige lines that enhance the design with a subtle shimmer.

The shape of the palm leaves lends itself beautifully to the blue color theme, creating a unique and eye-catching piece that looks almost like abstract art. The mural, made using the AddTek system and based on Inkiostro Bianco’s wall covering artwork, utilizes programmable backlit LED grid panels for precise tile arrangement. The AddTek system allows us to capture the details of a design in the best way possible without losing any details, using the colors from our color library—something that would be tricky and time-consuming if done manually. This innovative system converts image or digital art to mosaic design so wonderfully. Perfect for a modern bathroom, this mosaic art adds a touch of nature and elegance, proving that botanical designs can thrive in unexpected color schemes.

Blue Palm Leaf Mosaic Wall Art




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