In the summer of 1979, one fine day, an avid traveler was browsing through the streets of Italy, sightseeing and looking for souvenirs to take back home. There he came across the art of mosaic in its most glorious form. Little pieces of glass tiles, called tesserae, were individually selected and arranged together to form a breathtaking masterpiece.

Intrigued by this art form, the tourist, Hasan Mahmood Zaidi, decided to learn more about the art and explore its various possibilities and applications. He knew he discovered a new passion and decided to bring it back home and so, MEC came into being.

So how did MEC go from an army-of-one to the leading international company that is synonymous with premium quality custom-made mosaics today? Let us briefly take you through the journey.

glass mosaic

Initially Mr. Zaidi sourced glass mosaic material from the best suppliers around Europe & Asia. Invited Italian Mosaic experts to train our local craftsmen in the centuries old art of handmade mosaic. He hand-picked members of his trusty team. Together the team set up a small workshop with the best machinery and tools available and started our operations.

Perfecting the existing mosaic techniques, we constantly incorporated the latest in the world of mosaic making and even came up with some of our own procedures.

In late 80’s, we decided to diversify after popular demand of marble mosaic from our existing clientele. MEC imported some premium quality stone from various regions of Europe. Marble Mosaic, being a completely different medium proved to be a little challenging for a brief while. Soon enough we acquired enough training and information to introduce a full-fledged marble mosaic line to our offerings.

In a few short years MEC’s marble mosaic project quality far surpassed most of the marble mosaic companies from around the world. We started transforming intricate rugs into marble mosaic floorings without sacrificing quality or design elements. Be it Roman-inspired and Victorian Designs from the West or the Mediterranean, Persian, Turkish, Arabesque and Moroccan themes from the East; we do it all.

close- up marble mosaic handcrafted workshop

In 1994, we came across a revolutionary new material called Opus Italiano, it is a fortified version of glass that works great everywhere, walls, high-traffic flooring, outdoor, water bodies. It opened up a whole new world of possibilities.


At MEC, we don’t believe in stopping the innovation. Our design department, R&D team and craftsmen are always trying new things and learning. We have also had the honor of collaborating with some amazing names in the world of design and architecture in the last few decades.

We have several other things lined up for our customers for the future. So, stay tuned to find out more! Our story goes on…

We frequently participate in some of the biggest interior design and building events and exhibitions throughout the year. The Big 5 (UAE), BATIMAT Paris (France), Coverings (USA), INDEX Dubai (UAE) and MARMOMACC (Italy) just to name a few. Do keep an eye on our blog to know where we are displaying next and stop by our booth to say hi!

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