Whirling Dervish Mosaic Mural

About the Artwork

The Turkish Whirling Dervishes, known as “Mevlevi Sufis,” are practitioners of a unique form of spiritual dance called the “Sema.” This dance has its roots in the teachings of the 13th-century Persian poet and mystic, Rumi, and was later developed by his followers, particularly the Mevlevi Order. The Sema ceremony is a mesmerizing ritual symbolizing the journey of the soul towards spiritual enlightenment and union with the divine. The dancers, dressed in flowing white robes and tall hats, represent the celestial spheres and earth. As they whirl in a meditative trance-like state, their outstretched arms convey a connection between heaven and earth, while their spinning movements symbolize a detachment from worldly concerns.

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MEC's Mosaicists Doing Their Magic

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