Transform your swimming pool into a masterpiece with bespoke mosaic art from MEC. Whether you have a large pool or a compact one, our custom designs can be tailored to fit any dimensions. MEC’s pool mosaic artistry boasts an extensive portfolio of successfully completed projects worldwide.

Behind the Scenes

Swimming Pool Mosaic Art Project Executed in Dubai

  • Project in Dubai – Private Villa
  • Handcrafted Swimming Pool Mosaic Art
  •  Material: Glass Mosaics
  • Size: 15mm & 20mm mosaic tiles
  • Fabrication Time: 4 Weeks

About the Artwork

At MEC, our dedicated team specializes in the creation and fabrication of exquisite bespoke pool mosaic patterns. Our latest masterpiece is a captivating representation of a spiral design, meticulously crafted in shades of blues and greens. This elegant mosaic pattern serves as a visual focal point, transforming any pool space into a captivating and visually enticing oasis.

Each mosaic tile in this unique creation is carefully handpicked and meticulously placed to form the complete mural image. The result is a stunning display of intricacy and attention to detail that becomes immediately apparent upon viewing the overall pool area.

Our exceptional pool mosaic has found its new home at a prestigious resort in California, USA. It has been expertly integrated into the pool area, infusing vibrant colors and unparalleled artistry into the entire space. 

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