Whimsical Waves: Osalli Mosaic Brings Color to a Virginia Home

April fell in love with the whimsical curls of the Osalli mosaic while browsing our online catalog. This vibrant piece, handcrafted with the finest Vertex Glass mosaic tiles, features a playful mix of light neutrals and cool sea-inspired hues. She envisioned it as the perfect pop of color and texture for her bathroom renovation.

Caption: Osalli Kitchen Wall Backsplash image from MEC’s Lumin catalog. This is the pattern April chose for her bathroom niche.

Queries, Tile Colors & Dimensions for a Perfect Fit

After placing her order, April had a few questions about the mosaic’s specifications. She wanted to ensure the 48″x48″ dimensions were accurate and that the glass tiles would withstand the bathroom’s humid conditions. We assured her that the glass mosaic was designed for such environments and confirmed the dimensions.

Caption: Vertex 20 Glass mosaic tile color selection (left), scattered loose Vertex glass mosaic tiles (right)

Photos from the Workshop

Once the details were finalized, our artisans got to work. April received images of the production process, a unique touch we offer to all our customers. This not only allows for any last-minute tweaks but also adds an element of excitement as they witness their custom piece come to life.

Caption: Behind-the-Scenes photos from the workshop during production stage

The Final Reveal

When the mosaic was ready, it was carefully shipped to April, with a protective adhesive layer for easy installation. This layer is removed once the tiles are fixed in place, revealing the stunning design in its full glory.

Caption: Freshly installed Osalli Whimsical Wave glass mosaic niche

A Splash of Color

Installed in a niche above her bathtub, Osalli transformed April’s bathroom into a vibrant, relaxing oasis. The abstract curls and serene colors created a fun yet calming ambiance, making the space truly unique.

Osalli mosaic by MEC installed in a bathroom wall niche Virginia USA

Caption: Marble mosaic tile fishscale pattern module samples

Want to know what April thought of her custom handcrafted niche mosaic? Head over to the client reviews page to find out! 

Fascinated by this beautiful little mosaic project? You too can transform your space with a unique mosaic design, created from scratch or customized to your liking. Reach out to us, and let’s make your mosaic dream a reality!

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