Bespoke Mosaic Art Birds Project

Our mosaicists & the design team worked magnificantly to fabricate this bespoke mosaic art birds mural. The client shared with us a design idea and our state of the art design team produced an option that the client fell in love with. Images from our production facilities shows the intricate details during the fabrication stage.

  • Bespokoe Mosaic Art Birds project executed in San Francisco
  • Material: Murano Glass Mosaic
  • Mosaic Size: Blend of 10mm, 15mm & 20mm handcrafted mosaic tiles
  • Project Type: Commercial
  • Fabrication Time: 5 Weeks

MEC has a vast portfolio of bespoke handcrafted Mosaic Art Bird Designs Fabricated for clients from all over the world. Be it a niche, feature wall, backsplash, or an outdoor garden area – our Italy trained mosaicists have achieved beautiful details with these mosaic designs ranging from peacocks, parrots, owl, blue jay, hummingbirds, cranes etc. Have a bird mosaic design idea in mind? Share your inspiration with us and see our magic with bespoke mosaic creations.

Simple Bird Mosaic

Have a Simple Bird Mosaic design idea in mind for a busy space? Adorn your walls with not too intricate mosaic design to feature your space with bird mosaic designs.

Charming Bird Mosaic

Looking for Charming Bird Mosaic designs? Simpler areas require more intricate designs and here at MEC we have design options to cater to all needs.

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