Quaint Greek Street with Bougainvillea and Blue Window Shutters - Mosaic Rendition of a Painting

A client from Las Vegas – Nevada USA shared a lovely little painting with MEC. They had been looking for a tile artist that would custom create a glass mosaic version of the serene painting. From inital design concept discussion and early renders to behind-the-scene photos of the production and subsequent revisions made on request the journey was a fun and fulfilling one.

About the Original Artwork

A wonderfully painted artwork featuring a peaceful Greek Street with chairs and table set under a bougainvillea and an eye-catching blue shutter window. The painting is titled “Blou Luike” and is the work of an amazing artist, Cecilia Rosslee. There is something about the colorful and vibrant streets and landscape of Greece. The scenes from Greek villages and coastal areas not only photograph well – but serve as an inspiration to artists too.

Painting to Mosaic

When an image or painting is converted into a custom made mosaic design, the intention is rarely to replicate it as it is. It is more of a reimagined version of the art in another medium that has its own particular style and set of characteristics. That is the beauty of art that is recreated in a different medium – you get a one-of-a-kind art piece that captures the essence, palettes and design theme of another masterpiece you admire.  

The diverse (mosaic tile) materials are rich in color, comparable to daubs of oil paint, and their arrangement can be as subtle as a brush stroke.

Institute of Mosaic Art (IMA)

Materials Used

The primary glass mosaic range used for this project was MEC’s Murano – 15mm square glass mosaic tiles with beveled edges, amazing colors and various textures. Some colors from out classic Vertex 10 range were also used for detailing, especially around the window frame and vine stalk.

Photos From the Workshop

Depending upon the nature of the project and the client preferences we share some images of the mosaics while it is under production, as well. Photos of work in process mosaic from the workshop helps us keep the clients in the loop. We shared updates and progress of the mosaic art with Kevin and it helped us adjust some design details pretty early on. It saves time and ensures that the customer is happy with their customized handcrafted mosaic.

Tweaks & Changes

There is always room for tweaks and changes not only during the design stage but during production too. The client wished for slightly different chairs and tables as well as some color changes. We were happy to accommodate most of those requests. 

The Completed Masterpiece

Behold! The completed mosaic. We are so pleased with how it turned out. Imagine sitting in this serene street in the early evening – unwinding from a long day. Relaxing under the shade of bougainvillea with a cup of coffee and a good book or chatting with a friend. What would your perfect afternoon here look like?


Mosaic Magic Awaits

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