Quartz Geode Inspired PIXL Mosaic Pool Tiles

Michael N., a landscape artist reached out to MEC with a unique mosaic pool tile design idea – crystal geodes. The villa owner has a vibrant collection of geodes on display which inspired this swimming pool concept. A cross-section of a geode with all those agate bands and a crystal core for a pool bed. Why did we not think of that before!

What are Geodes Anyway?

Geodes are nature’s surprise treasure troves. The name is derived from a Greek word “Geoides”, which means earth-like”. Geologically speaking, geodes are rock formations that have a hollow cavity lined with crystals or other mineral matter. The marvelous crystalline core is surrounded by banded agate. 

a crystal geode cross-section

On the outside, geodes are rather unremarkable and nondescript. The contrast between the exterior and inside geodes is a perfect example of why a book cannot be judged by its cover.

How are Geodes Formed?

Geodes are formed when molten lava is cooling down and a bubble of gas expands but cannot escape. As the magma cools down rocks containing a cavity (resulting from pockets of air) start solidifying. Geodes along with all the layers you see inside them, take thousands of years to form. They can be found in nature in a variety of colors and types. 

geode image | From One Geode to Another Alan Levine Flickr quartz crystal geode on the left – CC license
From One Geode to Another Alan Levine Flickr quartz crystal geode on the left – CC license

They are usually cut in half and displayed for decoration. Some people around the world believe that crystal geodes have spiritual healing properties.       

Geode Mosaic Pool PIXL Design Options

Over a Zoom meeting with Michael and the client we discussed what they had in mind and how MEC would translate that into mosaic. It was decided that the best way to go for an outdoor pool was a blue or teal & turquoise glass mosaic color palette.

Geode inspired digital artwork featuring a quartz crystal core along with teal & turquoise bands mimicking the agate bands.

Blue agate geode with transparent quartz crystals. The image was edited and stretched to prepare it for the AddTek mosaic software according to the pool dimensions. MEC’s AddTek system can convert any image, even a low resolution one, into a PIXL mosaic grid pattern. It uses colors from the Vertex glass library to create a tiled version of a photo or drawing.

Size Adjustments According to Pool Dimensions

Geodes are often vaguely spherical. The challenge was to showcase that quartz geode effect on the bed of a long swimming pool in the best way possible. The pool was not a plain rectangle either. The villa plan featured a natatorium shaped like a classic frame. Here is the plan working drawing of the landscape plan as shared by the architect.

pool deck floor flooring plan working drawing

The original image, on which the shortlisted PIXL mosaic design is based, needed to be extended and stretched to fit.

Vitreous Glass Blue Fade Pool Walls

For the swimming pool walls there was an option of continuing the pool bed design. However, Micheal wanted the focus to be on the pool bed design. Extending the pattern to the walls would create a distortion from refraction and perspective angles. This would not have been ideal for continuity. Two of the most popular pool wall mosaic tile patterns are:

  • Random blend of vitreous glass in a color palette matching or complementing the floor tile.
  • Fade or ombre mosaic effect – with one color gradually blending into a different shade or a new color altogether.

For this custom geode mosaic pool, the client preferred the latter, so we prepared a blue fading Vertex 20 glass tile render.

ombre pool wall blue fading vertex 20 vitreous gradient glass mosaic

3D Mosaic Pool Tile Renders

Micheal requested renders to decide whether the pool wall mosaic fade should have the darker blue on the bottom or toward the coping. We facilitate our clients in the best possible ways to make the custom mosaic process smooth. This helps you make more confident design related decisions and by reducing uncertainty.

Once the pattern, tile type and color palette are finalized and approved, the production department starts working on the fabrication of the custom mosaic project. After the completion, the quality control inspector checks it and forwards it to the packing department. Each tiled artwork is shipped as easy-to-assemble mosaic sheets packed carefully in a special wooden box. Our installation guide can be accessed online and we offer further assistance and tips to the clients’ tile contractors, if needed

Photos of Geode Mosaic Pool from Site

The geode mosaic has been installed at the client’s villa house and it turned out amazing. Along with overwhelmingly positive feedback, we received some photos from the site. We are so excited to share them with you (with the client’s consent, of course). Behold!

Baha Bench Shallow Pool Area

pool baja bench virteous glass mosaic blue

Swimming Pool Steps with Mosaic Tiles

Hot Tub Jacuzzi Adjacent to the Main Pool

jacuzzi hot tub pool glass mosaic tile pixl design

How Mosaic Pool Tiles Look During the Daytime vs. Night

Have you ever wondered how the appearance of pool mosaic tiles might vary throughout different times of the day? Here is a visual comparison of how the custom made geode mosaic pool looks in daylight and at night time with pool lights:

pool deck area stairs glass mosaic tile day viewpool deck area stairs glass mosaic tile night view

The colors are bright and the detail vivid in natural sunlight. At night, the swimming pool has a darker blue appearance even with the lights. The pool bed tile pattern is muted but still noticeable.

Mosaic Magic Awaits

Share with us your inspirations and get any mosaic artwork fabricated by our Italian trained mosaicists at unbelievable prices.
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