Colorful Mosaic Tile Backsplash Projects

Mosaic tile backsplashes have been in use for centuries, adorning kitchens, bathrooms, and both interior and exterior spaces. The design possibilities and color options for these backsplash mosaics are truly limitless. If you’re in search of a bespoke backsplash mosaic design or one that boasts vibrant colors, we’re here to showcase some of our recently completed projects that feature precisely that.

Why are Mosaic Tiles Good for Backsplash?

  • Design Flexibility
  • Easy to Install
  • Easy to Clean
  • Cost-Effective Options
a mosaic tile kitchen backsplash design with delicate tree branches and leaves featuring a brown and white palette

Mosaic Backsplash in Blues & Whites

  • Project in Texas
  • Handcrafted Mosaic Design
  • Installed on a Kitchen Backsplash
  • Material Type: Glass Mosaics
  • Mosaic Size: 10mm & 15mm


Client's Feedback - Colorful Kitchen Mosaic Backsplash


  • Easy to work with ✅
  • 9 separate backsplashes ✅
  • Final result exactly as per the renders ✅
  • Mosaics were clearly labelled ✅
  • Helpful & Responsive MEC’s representatives ✅
  • Easy Installation ✅

Should Backsplash be Lighter or Darker?

  • Consider Overall Design
  • Complement Light Cabinets
  • Enhance Dark Cabinets
  • Create Visual Balance
  • Reflect Natural Light
  • Highlight Accents

Lighter Backsplash: Choosing a lighter backsplash can have several positive effects on your kitchen’s overall design. Light colors, such as whites, creams, or light pastels, tend to create a sense of openness and airiness. A light backsplash can visually expand the space, making a small kitchen feel larger and more inviting. Additionally, lighter colors reflect more light, contributing to a brighter and more illuminated kitchen environment. Lighter backsplashes are versatile and can pair well with a variety of cabinet and countertop colors, offering a neutral backdrop for other design elements.

Darker Backsplash: Opting for a darker backsplash can introduce a bold and dramatic element to your kitchen design. Dark colors, such as deep blues, greens, or charcoal grays, can create a sense of coziness and intimacy in the space. Darker backsplashes are particularly effective in larger kitchens, as they can help define the kitchen area and create a more intimate atmosphere. Additionally, dark colors can conceal stains and dirt more effectively than lighter shades, making them a practical choice for high-traffic cooking areas. When paired with lighter cabinets and countertops, a darker backsplash can add contrast and visual interest, becoming a focal point in the kitchen design.

Mosaic Backsplash in Shades of Greens & Blues

  • Project in California
  • Handcrafted Mosaic Design
  • Installed on a Bathroom Backsplash
  • Material Type: Murano Glass Mosaics
  • Mosaic Size: 10mm & 15mm
  • Fabrication Time: 4 Weeks

MEC fabricated a bespoke handcrafted mosaic backsplash for a client in the US. The client requested different color tones to be added to a floral design shared with us. Our design team collaborated with the client and achieved the best color solution for their space!

  • Consider overall Color Scheme
  • Think About Lighting
  • Balance Boldness
  • Reflect Your Style
  • Think Long-Term
Handmade glass mosaic tile coasters epoxy resin clear grout colorful

Choosing the Grout Color for Mosaic Tile Backsplash

A Guide to Choosing the Right Grout for Glass Mosaics

  • Consider Contrast
  • Think About Maintenance
  • Test Grout Samples
  • Match or Complement
  • Coordinate with Room Style
  • Use Grout as a Design Element

Mosaic Magic Awaits

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