Typographic Marble Mosaic ft. Brass Inlay for a London Project

Collaborating with Macfarlane Van der Heul, a London interior design firm, we set out on a delightful project to create a custom entrance mosaic destined for a prestigious location in Mapesbury. Inspired by a typography design from our collection, the goal was to blend timeless luxury with understated elegance.

Macfarlane Van der Heul, known for their impeccable taste, approached us, they envisioned an entrance that would not just welcome, but wow.

Numeric or Lettered?

When it came to the typography, we presented Macfarlane Van der Heul with two options—numeric or lettered. After some serious deliberation, they opted for the sleek, lettered design. 

Caption: Marble mosaic tile fishscale pattern module samples

Materials & Techniques

Choosing Crema Marfil and Nero Marquina marble for its timeless appeal, we handcut each tile to perfection, ensuring every piece fit seamlessly into the intricate fish scale pattern. To enhance the design, we used waterjet cutting for  the brass accents adding a subtle glimmer and depth to the mosaic.

Typographic marble mosaic entrance floor plaque revised design
Revised version of the typographic marble mosaic design concept with a smaller, more sleek frame around the lettering

A Classic Color Palette

Black and white marble with brass accents is a combination that never goes out of style, blending elegance with a modern touch. It’s a choice that speaks of sophistication and enduring beauty, making it a perfect fit for any refined interior.


Another area where we utilized waterjet cutting was the bold sans serif lettering made of marble – that brought a modern edge to the hand cut tile backdrop. 

Typographic marble mosaic entrance floor plaque completed piece MEC workshop

After a few days of expert craftsmanship, the mosaic was carefully packed and shipped to London. Installed with precision by Blockhouse Build, the entrance was transformed into a focal point.

Collaborating on creative mosaics like this is why we love what we do. Each project is a journey of bringing together precision, creativity, and client vision to create lasting artistry. It’s about more than just tiles and brass; it’s about transforming spaces and creating environments that inspire.

Seeing our work come to life, from initial concept to final installation, fills us with pride. We thrive on the challenges and rewards of turning ideas into tangible beauty. As we continue to innovate and push boundaries in mosaic design, we look forward to bringing more unique visions to life and making lasting impressions in every space we touch.

Ready to transform your space with a one-of-a-kind mosaic design? Contact us today and let’s create something extraordinary together.

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