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Handcrafted, Custom-made Scenic Mountains & Italian Landscape Mosaic for Your Space

What if your living space could be a portal to scenic Italian panoramas and artistic mountain vistas, where each wall is a canvas painting a different world? Sounds like a stretch? Not with the spec-tile-cular landscape mosaic designs we’re about to unveil.

Picture this: Your morning coffee spot transports you to a Venetian canal, and your evening unwind feels like a mountainside retreat. We’re not just talking about art; we’re talking about rewriting the narrative of your daily surroundings. These mosaics aren’t just artworks; they’re like a visual remix for your space, turning the ordinary into an extraordinary living experience.

Whether you’re an art aficionado ready for a style shake-up or just someone just discovering the untapped potential of your walls, join us on this visual journey and get ready to redefine your space.

A collage of four mosaic designs depicting natural landscapes: a forest, a waterfall, a sunset, and mountains.
Left: Serenity Creek mosaic mural | Center: Majestic Lake Scenes Featuring Swans, Mountains and Waterfalls | Right: mosaic tile rendition of Robert Pejman’s “Capri Terrace”.

A. Scenic Italian Landscape Mosaic Art

Our Italian landscape themed mosaics, which would surely make up for times you miss traveling. From North to South of Italy, we have a range of mosaics you can select from. Fulfill your craving for experiencing the salty air by the ocean in one of the five small villages, Cinque Terre, in Northern Italy, that has the population close to 400 people to the most beautiful Venice canals where you enjoy the evening in a Venetian gondola.

1. Manarola, Italy – Colorful Landscape Mosaic

A place that looks like a painting came to life, with a spectrum of colors that calms your soul, along with its wild flowers growing and completing the environment, it is no surprise one would want to leave such a serene looking place.

Manarola Colorful Landscape Mosaic glass tiles North Italy Village scenic
Custom handcrafted mosaic tile art featuring a landscape with colorful houses of the North Italian Cinque Terre town of Manarlo

Manarola is one of the five seaside towns on the coastline of the Italian Riviera. Imagine all the sunsets you can see from the terrace while enjoying the olives and grapes. With a landscape mosaic of this picturesque Northern Italy village  installed at your home, you’ll get to live that countless times. It can also be a really great conversation starter between the people you invite over.

2. Balcony in Tuscany, Italy – Landscape Mosaic

This place has been an inspiration to many artists, poets, sculptors to movies being shot for its eye catching scenery. You clearly can not go wrong with choosing a breathtaking view of a balcony in Tuscany as a landscape mosaic for your space.

marble tile landscape mosaic art Tuscan seascape flowers, ocean
Marble tile masterpiece featuring a breathtaking balcony view set in Tuscany, Italy.

The scenic mosaic teleports you to the exact location with the stone laid tiles beneath you, mild sweet scent of flower potted in large vessels. As you observe further, you can see ant sized people out in the ocean either fishing or just cruising, having the time of their life with their loved ones. Your imagination can run wild with a landscape mosaic like this, never letting you get bored of it as you would notice something new every time you lay your eyes on it.

3. The Molo, Seen from the Bacino di San Marco by Canaletto

This mosaic is based on one of the works of a Venetian painter from the eighteenth century, Giovanni Antonio Canal, known as Canaletto. He is famously known for creating scenes of Venice along with some from Rome and London. This specific painting that the eye catching mosaic is based on is The Molo, Seen from the Bacino di San Marco. This landscape mosaic takes place at the heart of Venice, a view from San Marco basin, facing the Doge’s palace [no, not that meme doge :)].

The Molo, Seen from the Bacino di San Marco Canaletto landscape mosaic art glass tile work
Intricate handcrafted mosaic landscape art based on Canaletto famous art piece The Molo, Seen from the Bacino di San Marco

With the rise in popularity of landscape and cityscape art, Canaletto’s work gained popularity but unfortunately not in his own lifetime. You can see through his art works how dedicated he was to Venice and always came back to it on several occasions. He offered us realistic pieces which take you back in time. His subjects were not only the Venetian buildings across the canal. But a sense of energy and daily activities of the people on the boat taking place on the quayside of Molo.

A historical painting of Venice showcasing the Grand Canal, gondolas, and architectural landmarks.
The Original 1730 Painting – The Molo, Seen from the Bacino di San Marco

Canaletto also displays the key structure that defines Venice. There is a bell tower on the right and Doge’s palace on the left with the columns of Saint Mark and Saint Theodore standing at the entrance of Piazza di San Marco.

4. Two Men in Gondola

The scene takes place in a small Venice street. Two men adorned in a white outfit can be seen coming from an early morning delivery right before that canal gets busy with the people of town and tourists. You can almost hear the soft splashes of water hitting against the buildings nearby caused by the waves of the gondola. As you see further away, you can guess that these men just passed under that little white bridge.

glass mosaic art featuring images of gondola, venice cancal and italian architecture
Venetian canal;, clouds, gondolas, beautiful Italian architecture – what’s there not to love about this handcrafted mosaic art.

The simplicity in the style of the sky and cloud depicted here perfectly compliments the complex details of the buildings. The reflection in the water along with the lights and shadows playing a huge role in giving a sense of the time of the day. This landscape mosaic would go very well in an outdoor setting in your home by the backyard or as a backsplash for the pool.

5. Sailing boats, Seascape Mosaic

Still but full of life, another stunning mosaic where the event is taking place at dawn. The main focus is on the ships themselves but two black silhouettes can be seen on the right ship. The minimalism is very striking as you can still sense the life in there. The sunrise gives hope and motivation to the sailors as they venture off into the sea to catch food for the town.

Seascape mosaic featuring sail boats, made with hand-cut glass mosaic tiles.
Seascape mosaic featuring sail boats, made with hand-cut glass mosaic tiles.

You can see the port in the background and the details go even more blur but still giving you an idea what can be expected there. The rays of the sun look like they are going the pierce through the sky, not sparing anything or anyone of it’s glory. This seascape mosaic with ultimately grab the attention of the spectator, leaving them in awe with its the subtle shimmer and gleam of our mosaics. Having this mosaic installed at the right location can brighten up the surroundings.

Fatto con amore – Made with Love

The beautiful scenery and seascape is not the only thing ‘Italian’ about these beautiful custom made mosaics. Our team of mosaic craftsmen is trained by a team of expert mosaic artists from Italy – how wonderful is that! Furthermore, we source some premium quality marble stone from quarries in Italy for our marble mosaic range.

B. Artistic Mountain Scenery Landscape Mosaic

6. Cool Blue-Green Mountains Landscape Mosaic Artwork

Immerse yourself in the tranquility of a river winding through a lush valley, as this mosaic landscape transports you to a place of peace and natural beauty. It is hard not being totally captivated by the intricate details and the harmonious blend of colors. The mosaic artwork features a meticulous arrangement of manually cut Murano glass tiles. Feast your eyes on the beautiful details on the close-up image of the mosaic mural.

an artistic stylized mountain landscape mosaic design featuring a cool blue-green color palette
Artistically Stylized Mountain Landscape Mosaic Wall Art featuring a cool blue-green color palette with some neutral beige glass tiles

The cool color palette, infused with shades of beige and brown, can create a serene ambiance in the space where it is displayed.

7. Chinese Landscape Painting Mosaic Art

A glass mosaic rendition of a traditional Chinese painting, showing a misty mountain scene with lush vegetation and flowing water.
Chinese Landscape Painting Glass Mosaic Art Feature Wall – Credit: e-mosaictile

8. Artistic Sun-kissed Mountains Mosaic Design

A colorful and cheerful mosaic depicting a sun shining on a mountainous scenery, with different hues of green, blue, and yellow.
“Luminous Vistas” A modern stylized version of a portion from the gorgeous Tiffany Mosaic scene “The Dream Garden” Maxfield Parrish (artist), executed by Louis Comfort Tiffany Tiffany Studios (1914-1915)
A picturesque painting of a lush forest with intricate details, showcasing a mix of green foliage and rocky terrains, illuminated by soft lighting.
A close-up of “The Dream Garden” stained glass Tiffany mosaic displayed at Curtis Building in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA


So, there you have it—8 glimpses into the extraordinary. Your walls are not just walls; they’re a blank canvas waiting for a personalized creative touch. Have these marvelous landscape mosaic scenes inspired you to get a custom handmade piece for your own space? We would love to help bring your dream mosaic art concept to reality. Drop us a message today. One of our design experts will get in touch with you shortly after, to provide free mosaic design consultation.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is landscape mosaic art?

Landscape mosaic art is a form of artistic expression that uses small pieces of colored materials, such as glass or ceramic, to create images inspired by natural landscapes.

How can landscape mosaic art enhance my space?

By incorporating custom mosaic designs inspired by landscapes, you can add a unique and visually appealing element to your floors, walls, or other areas, transforming the space into a vibrant and inviting environment.

What spaces are suitable for landscape mosaic art installations?

Landscape mosaic art can be installed in various spaces, including residential homes, commercial establishments, outdoor areas, public spaces, and even swimming pools.

Can landscape mosaic art be used on floors?

Yes, landscape mosaic art can be applied to floors, creating stunning focal points that bring the beauty of nature indoors and add a touch of elegance to the space.

Can I incorporate personal elements into landscape mosaic art?

Yes, custom mosaic designs can incorporate personal elements such as favorite flowers, landscapes, or meaningful symbols, allowing you to infuse your own personality into the artwork.

Are landscape mosaic art installations difficult to clean and maintain?

Not at all. Landscape mosaic art installations are relatively easy to clean and maintain, requiring regular but straightforward cleaning routines to preserve their beauty and longevity.

Are landscape mosaic art designs customizable to suit different interior styles?

Absolutely! Custom mosaic designs can be tailored to complement various interior styles, whether it’s a contemporary, traditional, or eclectic setting.

Can I install landscape mosaic art in a pre-existing space or renovation project?

Yes, landscape mosaic art can be incorporated into pre-existing spaces or renovation projects, bringing a fresh and captivating element to the design.

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