Custom Scrolls Designed Pool Mosaic

About the Artwork

A client situated in Dubai reached out to us with a unique request for a custom mosaic pattern to adorn their pool. Delving into our array of existing pool mosaic designs, they chose one that resonated with their vision. However, they had specific changes in mind to make the design truly their own. To articulate their vision, the client meticulously sketched out the proposed alterations on paper using a marker.

Our adept design team enthusiastically embarked on transforming the client’s conceptual sketch into a tangible masterpiece. With unwavering attention to detail, they meticulously replicated the suggested modifications, ensuring a faithful representation of the client’s artistic ideas.

Upon presenting the final rendition, the client was swept away by the exceptional outcome. The melding of their concept with our craftsmanship surpassed expectations. In a testament to our efficiency, the customized pool mosaics were expertly crafted and promptly delivered within a concise span of 5 weeks.

Behind the Scenes

Client Spotlight: Thrilled Reactions to Bespoke Pool Mosaic Artistry

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