The Pixl Journey

We have grown and come a long way since 1979, when the MEC founder set out on a mission to revive and promote the ancient timeless art of mosaic making.

Over the decades we have constantly learned about, adopted and even created innovative custom mosaic design and fabrication techniques. For us, staying true to the original artform of handcrafted mosaics, is vital.

PIXL mosaic is brought to you by our latest technological marvel. Like its namesake concept, the PIXL range. fea- tures numerous mosaic tiles arranged together in a simple grid (like pixels) to create bigger images that are nothing short of masterpieces.

With advancement in technology and the demand of the fast moving world we have always focused on staying abreast with the latest in the world of mosaic tile art.

Our designers and the R&D department hold brain- storming sessions several times a year and recently one of our main concerns and focus was on streamlining the process and making it faster, more precise but more cost efficient at the same time.

We needed a way to process and fabricate larger and more complex abstract patterns in a fraction of the time it usually takes and slash the cost and prices as well, making it truly more accessible to everyone.

A consensus was reached regarding finding or develop- ing a much needed intelligent system for better image processing and quicker fabrication of the mosaics. One thing was for sure, we could not abandon our core vision of providing handcrafted mosaics. So what we knew we had to find the perfect balance between modern and the timeless ancient techniques. There is no match for the creative touch of a human, an artist. The machine can only do so much, organic eye for details cannot be programmed.

Next step was to find the right software and technology partner, a team that could understand the essence mosaic artform and collaborate with MEC to develop a software application exclusively made to suit our design and production goals and revolutionize the process.

OffRoad Solutions got on board with us and together with the MEC R&D and design teams an innovative bespoke system, AddTek, was created. This software, the likes of which were unheard of, opened up a world of possibilities. With AddTek, our designer can convert any design or image into a digital mosaic tile pattern. The designers, can manually tweak individual tile colors and design sections to give the finishing touches.

Our exclusive AddTek software can convert any image or design no matter how abstract or complex in mosaic- ready drawing using the glass mosaic tile colors from our extensive tesserae library. The PIXL render produced by AddTek is visually same as the real mosaic with very minimal variation. So what you see is exactly what you get. Our designers can pick and try different grout colors to see which one works best with a certain mosaic theme and overall palette.

This file can then be transferred to our tailor-made OffRoad Solutions hardware, an LED grid board. The system is simple yet genius. Mosaic tiles are arranged by hand over that board, one color at a time.

Grid sections light up to indicate all the places one certain color is supposed to go on the mosaic pattern. Each tile is placed by hand. This saves up so much time that goes into manually matching and finding the tile colors. The result? Stunning handcrafted mosaic master- pieces, ready in half of the time, at amazingly affordable prices! That is the ultimate goal, to make mosaic tile art accessible to everyone from small home owners to world-class mega resort and hotel chains. From a humble office lobby or an aesthetic backyard to com- mercial and public projects of virtually any scale; PIXL has the perfect mosaic option to embellish just about any space.

Choose from the existing designs and have it custom- ized to better suit your style or have us make an entirely new custom design. We are always ready to help you with your dream design. Just share any inspiration photo, pattern, and design or even a basic hand drawn sketch and let us take care of the rest. Our designers and craftsmen will convert it to a PIXL mosaic with the help of AddTek and a wide selection of mosaic tiles.

At MEC, we encourage the involvement of the client and/or architect at every stage. This is why we offer free mosaic design renders and customized option. We prepare samples of mosaics on request, so the client can have a true look and feel of the color palette and the materials. We deliver worldwide in our easy-to-install mosaic in exclusively designed secure packaging with DHL and FedEx logistics.

With PIXL you get the best of both worlds; faster mosaic design and fabrication with the help of revolutionary technology and the luxurious touch of custom handcrafted art by Italian-trained craftsmen. All this at a price that cannot be matched.